YEAR IN REVIEW: Best Live Performance

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Live performances take us to another place. For a few hours, we can forget about all the negativity in the world, anything that may be getting us down, or just add to the happiness we were already feeling. In a concert venue is where most of us shine. And in 2017, we witnessed some of the best live performances. With the help of some of our friends, we compiled a list of our favorite shows in the past year.

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The 1975 Live at the O2

His Dream of Lions

Counterparts was incredible every single time I saw them this past year. I think they deserve best live performance.

Reach The Shore

Code Orange was a big surprise at Graspop Metal Meeting this year in Belgium. Their energy on stage blew my mind. The prog/hxc/beatdown that they’ve shown was really well received from the entire crowd.

I was really impressed by the Rammstein’s show. THE show. An amazing and complete show. Love the band or don’t, but their performance is incredible. Everything is perfectly done : music, costume, stage set, their pyrotechnic elements and on-stage and off-stage theatrics.

TJ Horansky of Sleep On It

My favorite show of the year was probably Four Year Strong in Amityville, Long Island. It was the last day of the Rise or Die Trying 10 Year tour we did with them. After our matinee show, the FYS guys played a later show at Amityville Music Hall. The place was so packed, you could hardly move. Once the beer started flowing, it turned in to a sweaty barrage of stage diving and sing-alongs. I tried to stage dive during their cover of “Brainstew” but got dropped haha. It was so much fun.
Paul McCartney in Tinley Park and Julien Baker/Ben Gibbard in Chicago are probably also tied for my favorite shows.


Slowdive performing at the Et Cultura festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. Everything about the performance was perfect, the sound was immaculate and the their light show was immersive


The recent King Krule “Tiny Desk” session on NPR was so fucking cool.

Also, Every Time I Die at Hellfest featuring Ryan McKenney (Trap Them) on vocals.

Brooke Daly – Infectious Magazine Staff

One of the most bittersweet things about being a music fan is the underlying realization that, someday, all of your favorite bands will probably disappear from the stage for good. It’s sad, it’s frustrating and sometimes feels far too soon. The band’s announcement blindsided Vanna fans everywhere when they called it a day in the spring. After an extensive farewell tour, they saved the best for last: a hometown show in a venue where they played so many career-defining shows. Vanna had been part of the scene for over ten years, leaving several albums and plenty of member changes in their wake. As the lights dimmed and the band hopped on stage one more time, they ripped through classics from every era. As usual, their performance was tight and engaging. No one screamed louder than they did for this band during the night, no one moved as much for any other. Everyone involved gave their all. The best part, though, was the reunion of nearly every Vanna member. Former vocalists Evan Pharmakis (also a guitarist), Chris Preece, Joe Bragel and ex-drummers Brandon Davis and Eric Gross joined the fold for several songs in the set. Each track they performed with the band corresponded with their time in the band, and it was beautiful. With a set list that combined their best material, a great venue, and melancholy nostalgia in the air, the last Vanna show ever turned out to be their best – and the best performance of this year.

Sami Marshall – Infectious Magazine Managing Editor

I’ve been listening to All Time Low since I was in high school, as most of us have. But in the 10 or so years that they’ve been in my life, I never had the opportunity to see them. Well in August of this year, that changed, or at least it was supposed to. It was the last few days of their Last Young Renegade Tour, and ATL were doing a 2-night run at the House of Blues in Orlando. As I was getting ready for the show, a notification came up on my phone from the venue – never a good sign a few hours before doors. The show was cancelled due to the air conditioning breaking. I understood why the show had to be cancelled – it was the middle of summer in Florida. It was too hot. I knew people would scramble to get the remaining tickets for the second night, so I knew I would be out of luck. Thankfully, because the ATL guys love their fans so much, they worked almost immediately to reschedule a make-up show. The new show was scheduled for November 28th. I can’t put into words the excitement I felt when that day finally came around. This was a night 10 years in the making for me. I got to see a band I’d admired my entire adult life with two of my best friends. We sang and danced to every song. It’s a night I will never forget. 

A band I really got into in 2017 was State Champs. I saw them in May and it was easily the most fun I had at a show this year. People absolutely love State Champs, and it’s just the biggest party when they perform. I ended up seeing them again at Self Help Fest in September. After watching multiple bands play that day, then seeing SC, my friend turned to me and said, “People really like these guys!” It was great to see a new fan created right in front of my eyes.


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