You Blew It! Part Ways With Drummer

You Blew It!

You Blew It! have announced that drummer Tim Flynn will be leaving the band after their show on July 30. Check out a statement from Tim after the jump. Purchase a CD here.

On February 27, 2009 You Blew It! played its first show; albeit under a different moniker, one that shall not be mentioned. Four years, five months and two days later, on July 28, 2013, You Blew It! will play its 237th show at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL; what will be my final show with the band.

Even now as I write this in the South Bound lane of Interstate Five, 2,641 miles from home (thanks Google) in the middle of some California wasteland, I’m shocked at how much we as a band have accomplished. When this thing started, I had no intentions of it ever becoming something that people took seriously. We were just a couple of dudes with haphazard excuses for musical instruments writing some songs in a very small bedroom. But then we started playing out of state and you people started knowing the words. Damn. That was and will forever be really cool.

I still remember a phone call with my dad on the way to our first out of state show on our first tour ever, where we probably played to a total of 24 people over the course of 13 days. He told me I was doing something really special that a very small percentage of people get to experience. I laughed at him. It took me four years to realize that he was right.

Through music, I have been able to see parts of this country I never thought I’d be able to see. Through music, I’ve tasted all sorts of different foods this country has to offer (no lettuce, please). Through music, I’ve created stories and captured moments that I will never in my life forget. But most importantly, through music, I have met some of the nicest, realist, truest, craziest, funniest, and raddest people that this planet has to offer.

Having just written and recorded a a new record, You Blew It! will undoubtedly continue without me and are currently searching for a drummer (preferably in the Orlando area) to take over my responsibilities. I sincerely wish my closest friends the best of luck as they continue their endeavors and can only hope that they will guest list me when they start selling out arenas.

Real talk, though: I’d be lying if I ever said that the past four years weren’t the best years of my life.


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