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5 Tracks To Wander Off To

5 Tracks To Wander Off ToI lived in Spain for a bit, and when I first got there my laptop broke so I couldn’t add new music to my iPod; disaster! In a jail-break gone wrong I then managed to lose half of what was on there. Which resulted in me making do with very little music, for quite a lot of journeying, and I got pretty obsessive about the songs I did have access to. These are 5 of those songs, songs that survived almost constant attention, songs that Iʼll always associate with discovering new things, and with wandering off, and coming home.

1. Now That Iʼm Free – Outlines Feat. RZA (Sonar Kollektiv 2007) Youʼre standing outside the house, sun on your back, carʼs loaded up. Ready to roll. This is the song to play as you start your engine. Or as the train starts moving out of the station, or as youʼre bouncing along the tarmac to the plane. This head-nod inducing, euphoria-instilling song, makes me feel free.

2. Team Zissou – Seu Jorge (Hollywood Records 2005)

This is a tune from the soundtrack to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. There’s loads of Bowie songs on there sung by Jorge in Portuguese which are just amazing, but this is an original, and it’s full of energy and an awesome accompaniment for when you’re buzzing, and running round exploring things.

3. The Rain – Lou Rhodes (A&G Records/Infinite Bloom 2007) Perfect for when youʼve kind of settled in, to a place or to the routine of traveling. That stage when you start having time to reflect, and it feels like youʼre learning some pretty useful self truths.This song is for then.

4. Like a Man – Caroline Martin (Small Dog Records 2006) For the inevitable moment where everything goes a bit wrong, and you remember youʼre just a little piece of flesh, wandering around deeply alone, on a large ball of dirt, and none of these amazing experiences actually mean anything, and while that doesn’t actually matter, for a while you still feel pretty miserable, and you just want someone to sit next to you in silence. When that time comes head to ʻI had a hundred more reasons to stay by the fire’ by Caroline Martin. Take your pick, but the song I always feel vindicated by is “Like a Man.”

5. Over the Hill – John Martyn (Island Records 1973) Time to go home. Watching fields whip by from a window, or taking that first step out of the plane into that distinct chill that means youʼre back in the UK. This song captures all the excitement of returning triumphant to me.. This song is home.

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