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While we do read all submissions, there’s simply too many to respond to everyone. For a guaranteed response/feedback on the track, please submit via Fluence.

If you’d like to try your luck with email please send:

-Your music via stream (not download)

-All relevant social media & website links

-Three bands you’ve been compared to, along with album/single/video release date.

-Include in the subject line “Infectious Magazine Submission” and the name of your band.

-What you’re looking for. We aren’t psychic, so if you’re looking for a review, please say it. Guest blog? Let us know. Please note we do not review singles or albums/EPs that have been out for more than a week.

Publicists/labels: Please send all press releases to:

Please note: At this time we only cover the following genres: indie/alternative/pop punk/pop/metal/singer-songwriter. We do not cover rap, hip-hop, r&b or country.

Thank you!

11 Thoughts to “Submissions”

  1. Sam

    Their Music Is Fresh
    Their Sounds Is Big
    Their Shows Rock
    This is What You Can Expect from These 4 Rockers Who Make The Band SKROU From Toronto Canada a few samples to stream & listen to

    Bands to be Compared to…Van Halen, Kiss, Queen

  2. Not sure if my last submission went through so here it is again:

    Hi I’m Johnny and I would like to pass along my original music to you. I am from Plaistow NH and I write, sing, and compose songs in several genres including Rock, Alt Rock, Punk Rock, Country Rock, and the occasional ballad. You can visit my Reverbnation profile to listen to my music, hopefully you enjoy what you hear.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration

    ~Johnny STRAWS

  3. Hi Angela & Friends,

    My name is Ricky Demetro and I’m writing on behalf of my band, Rhino House Band. I once wrote 2 guest blogs for Infectious Magazine, about my journey of 100 performances in one year (by the way, I ended up doing 131)

    My band just released our 5 song “Golden Summer EP” on February 1st, and we’d like to have it reviewed by Infectious Magazine. The EP can be streamed and downloaded for free on our Bandcamp site: (just click “Buy Now” and enter “0” as a price).

    Here’s a more immediate link to a free download:

    and here’s soundcloud if you prefer that:

    Based in Brooklyn, NY, Rhino House Band is an unsigned indie rock group, that features Steven Bartashev on drums, Joey Vergara on bass, and Ricky Demetro (myself) on vocals and guitar. Additional media can be found at or on our Facebook page.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back!

    Best regards,

    Ricky Demetro

  4. Mercedes

    Hey can you do a feature on XO Stereo? I love them!

  5. Jerome Beedus

    I’m with the girl that requested XO Stereo. I want to know more about them

  6. Angela Mastrogiacomo

    Will look into them! 🙂

  7. Gilly Corr

    Hi, love the magazine – I’ve been reading it for a while and I thank you for helping me discover some great ‘under the radar’ music.
    I’m currently in love with a band called Morris Quinlan Experience. They’re a bit unusual as sometimes their vocals are entirely spoken, but they’re most definitely not rap!!! I don’t know what you’d call them…I suppose Alt Rock, slightly arty, a bit cinematic.
    I first came across them at a festival on the Isle Of Wight in UK, but since then I’ve found their YouTube channel (Morris Quinlan) and they’ve got some great stuff on there, including a superb version of the classic Scarborough Fair like you’ve never heard before.
    I’d love you to write about them, they deserve a wider audience. Please check them out.

  8. Angela Mastrogiacomo

    Thanks so much for the heads up and all the support, Gilly! I’ll check them out. Thanks again for reading! 🙂


  9. I’m Dan Marsh from the band Ozmathoq. We would like to submit our CD “More Than A Hero” for review, you can check us out at Facebook, Youtube, Firestream Music Vault, and our Web Page is still under constuction.

  10. I just send you a mail would love a feature on my rock/pop in crossover with metal music :)see my new cd So Gorgeous could use some more exposure 😉 rock on! Marianne Vedder a.k.a Cozmicsoulfire

    Hello to Infectious People ,
    My latest 2016 Alternative Album is entitled “Once In A Blue Moon” and it would be wonderful to have it reviewed by Infectious Magazine.
    These are all the sites associated with the album:
    ‘Once In A Blue Moon’

    Bio: Robert Nix is an alternative artist from Toronto,Canada who lives less than one mile from the high school that Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush attended and is an artist who has 5 independent releases to his credit:”Some Recordings…”,”It’s A Complicated World”,”Walk Down The Street”,”Last Day On Earth”,and his latest being the 2016 release “Once In A Blue Moon”
    Nix composes,performs,and produces/engineers all the songs in his private studio and is currently working on his 6th release so do stay tuned as Nix is here to stay that is until he dies and starts the decomposition process.
    Thank You,
    Robert Nix

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