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Acceptance Are Working On New Music

tumblr_inline_nmlo0r8TCl1qzxlbn_500In a recent interview with Absolute Punk, it seems that the Acceptance has been working on new music for the last two months in light of their recent reunion. Hopefully, we can expect some big announcements this year. Take a look at the group’s statement below and check out the full interview here.

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that Acceptance was reuniting later this spring for Skate & Surf Festival in Ashbury Park, New Jersey. The band has also scheduled two headlining shows, which you can find below, and are planning to announce a few more dates very soon.

Fans can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

What about new music? Has this been something that’s been discussed?
Nick: Yes, definitely was a topic of conversation shortly after we started talking about playing shows. Before the band stopped back in 2006, we did a handful of demos for what was going to be our next record. I think some of those songs will be revamped and used for the future. The last 2 months for us have been non stop writing. Accumulating loads of new ideas for future songs. In fact, Jason and I just got done tracking some vocals at my studio in Wisconsin. He came out for a couple days and we worked on a couple songs. I will say, being back in a studio environment and working on Acceptance jams is something i never thought would happen again. It was exciting to say the least. Very excited for new songs. We are music lovers, we would feel blessed to be able to keep making it.


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