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AFI Members Releasing Full Album For XTRMST Side Project

89155a8b9a9601076e02ff1bd89e094bAFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget recently admitted that they are the faces behind the new straight-edge hardcore band, XTRMST. The duo has put out four tracks for an EP and little information about the project. Upon the March 2014 release it was unclear who XTRMST even was, but speculation had swirled that Havok and Puget were in fact responsible for the edgy music. Puget later admitted he and Havok were in fact XTRMST.

Puget recently spoke with Rolling Stone Mexico and stated that the duo would be releasing a full album for the side project in November of 2014. A transcribed clip from Puget’s interview is below.

AFI’s fire has burned for over two decades, and promises to continue feeding on new projects.  Through their entrance into dark electronic as BLAQK AUDIO, Puget and vocalist Davey Havok, combine forces again for the new hardcore project XTRMST.  “Davey and I have been friends since we were kids, and we discussed back then the possibility of forming a hardcore band.  Finally we could, I began writing some songs, and Davey liked them. We think it’s a fun project, we’ll launch an album in November.  It’s crazy I keep hearing, and I believe it is.  I really want to see the public’s reaction.”

You can listen to the XTRMST EP here and keep and eye out for the full XTRMST album coming this fall. Havok and Puget are wrapping up the Carnivores Tour with the rest of AFI, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Linkin Park before finishing out some of AFI’s own headlining dates. You can buy concert tickets here for their remaining tour dates. Once touring ends, you can hopefully expect some new music from Havok and Puget’s two side projects, BLAQK AUDIO and XTRMST.

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