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ALBUM PREMIERE: Booth’s Self-Titled Debut

BoothThere’s no better time for new music than the first day of Spring. The weather is finally starting to warm up – at least in some parts of the country – and bands are gearing up to bombard us with new jams. One band that’s hoping to be on your radar this season is New Jersey’s own Booth. The hardcore trio will be releasing their debut self-titled EP on March 24th, but because they love you so much, we have an exclusive early stream of it for you all to enjoy.

Take a listen to the songs below and follow along with a detailed track-by-track, provided by the band themselves!

If you like what you hear, you can purchase the album when it’s officially released THIS FRIDAY, March 24th.

This song started as a dumb project we had to write for school. We recorded a demo of this song previously, starting with a drum recording with no metronome in the back closet of our classroom. We wrote everything around it and decided to put it out as a “sample” of what Booth would be. Surprisingly, we got pretty positive feedback so we reworked the track and recorded it again for the opener of our record. The song is really all about what Booth stands for. *chumchumchumchum* Booth.

“In You”
This was the second song we ever wrote. We released a demo of this song that had higher production value than “Sample” and people seemed to like it as well. This really drove us to want to record an album, even though it happened maybe half a year later. At the time, this was our most structured song and it made us feel like a real band, even though we would just play in Ian’s basement all the time. The song delves into the overarching feeling of hate and the ruthlessness of people in this world.

“Brine Skin”
This song originally sucked big time. We had no clue what we wanted to do with it. The beginning was a mess and went into a riff that didn’t fit and ended with a part that was heavy for the sake of being heavy. If we’re going to have a crushing riff it will have a real purpose. We put this song on the backburner and moved on. During practice someone asked Ian if he knew any Infest songs and he went at it on drums playing some slower blasts. Curtis joined in with a riff and we instantly had the beginning of the song reworked and a lot better than before. The song flows a lot more and is the band’s favorite track on the record.

Not much to say. It’s fast, loud, and crushing. Twenty-seven seconds I believe? We are really proud of it, there just isn’t much to say. It’s just us getting angry again.

We incorporated a lot of noise into this record, so we decided to throw an entire song together dedicated to the sweet sounds of feedback. We used samples courtesy of our good friend Mike and laid that, some bass feedback, and a noise box all under some heavily reverbed guitar. It’s kinda soothing in an eery way. It’s not exactly a song for us, it serves more as a break in the record right before the last track.

This song was really just an epic when we wrote it. This is another song that started with Ian grooving and Curtis riffing over it. We just wanted to build and build and see where our peak was. So that’s exactly what the beginning of this song is. It is followed by this sweet drum fill that flows into noise and chaos for the next minute and a half or so. This really is our most ambitious song. We threw some samples into the mix of the track and ended with these long drones, almost like something Sleep would do, and fed into this huge wall of noise to end the record. Overall, we are so proud of what we created and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.

Booth is a three piece hardcore/grindcore noise group coming from central New Jersey. The band had been a vision for years but never came to fruition until late 2016. Their Self Titled record will be the first big project coming from this band. Austin Kalafsky writes bass riffs and lyrics, Curtis McDevitt writes guitar parts and contributes with noise, and Ian Bley is the thrash and beat of the entire project.

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