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ALBUM REVIEW: As Thick As Thieves ‘Whiskey Bent’

Cover Art 'Whiskey Bent'Started out in 2012, As Thick As Thieves began making a name for themselves by touring with bands like Escape the Fate, The Artifact, and Loren Battle. The term ‘hard rock’ doesn’t even begin to describe what the five musicians have created. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like Upon a Burning Body but with their own twist. Their new EP is the big step in making themselves a prominent name in the genre.

While there are only four tracks on Whiskey Bent, each one is powerful and packed with raw emotion. Each song seems to start out with a instrumental intro that quickly turns into a pounding theme of not giving up and raw anger. In the third track, “Take You Down”, it chants, “Never give up! Never give up!”. The band makes sure to include an empowering message within their loud beats and raw vocals, which makes me like them even more.

The album begins with a more melodic intro, and just like the beginning, the ending song also starts out with a short riff that contains an enticing melody. “Something to Save Us” is an impassioned song about remembering where you came from and believing in miracles. I can’t help but grow attached to the band and their creative ways of combining driving music with dynamic meanings in their music.

Overall, the album is a wonderfully crafted composition of some of the genre’s soon-to-be hits. The EP may be small, but the impact is huge. If you’re a fan of Escape the Fate and Get Scared, you’re in for a treat. Don’t miss out on these tracks from Whiskey Bent.

Purchase a CD here and buy the band’s merchandise here! Visit their social media here.

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