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ALBUM REVIEW: Great Sale Day ‘Wild & Chunky’

For hardcore musicians Andrew Fisher (Basement), Ed McRae (previously of Your Demise), Daniel Frye (Unholy Majesty) and Ben Saker (Breaking Point), Great Sale Day is a way to have fun making music with no expectations. The result? An 11-track album where Weezer meets The Beatles and The Beach Boys in a melting pot of 90s alternative rock.

Great Sale Day deceptively begins their debut album with the hard hitting guitar intro to, “Do Not Want To Know.” As soon as Fisher starts singing, the listener knows there is no chance this album will be hardcore. His voice channels the style of Rivers Cuomo, lead singer of Weezer, leaving behind his near screaming vocals of Basement. The repetitive chorus, “I don’t want to know,” establishes a laid back vibe that courses throughout the entire album.

The third track, “Up In The Clouds,” forcefully revives 90s grunge. The distorted vocals, and a semi-distorted guitar line takes the listener back to plaid flannel and combat boots. Lyrics like, “Who are you and why would you care if I moved out and left so I was sleeping up there,” show that the scene’s apathetic angst poetry is still alive and well.

There is no noticeable transition to the fourth track, “Best Friends.” With the same distorted vocals and a similar melody, these two tracks end up bleeding into each other. Oddly enough, this doesn’t stop “Best Friends”  from returning to the high energy alternative rock heard in the first song of the album.

While most of the album takes its queues from the 90s, “True (Why Can’t You Be_),” “Your Medicine,” and “Great Sale Day” are reminiscent of the 60s boy bands. Both “True,” and “Your Medicine” use the iconic chorus of “ah-ah” behind the lead vocals. “Great Sale Day” could have easily have appeared on Please Please Me or one of the other early Beatles’ albums.

This makes Wild and Chunky stand out from 90s alternative rock bands. Great Sale Day take music from different genres and fits it together in a puzzle that rarely succeeds. Though mixing the early Beatles with Weezer may seem an obvious combination, it takes a delicate balance to make this work. Not many bands are brave enough to do it. Great Sale Day melds these sounds with spectacular results.

You can purchase a CD here and they ever start touring as a band you can buy concert tickets here.

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