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LilacLungs-CiaraGiagolaDetroit born and formed, Lilac Lungs are bringing a bold new sound to the genre. Formed in 2015, they’ve opened for big names such as Emarosa, Slaves, and The Orphan, The Poet. From the beginning, they’ve grown and found their own specialty in what they do. Their sound is something similar to what you might hear on the radio but with lyrics that aren’t afraid to stand out and drive right into your heart. The words will make you think twice and see a new perspective. Eventide will make you rethink the way that pop-electro music should sound and feel.

Each song tailors to a different mood, a different emotions.Welcome to the Fallout” starts out the album and is reminiscent to fans of Bring Me the Horizon and their track “Shadow Moses.” It doesn’t fall into the heaviness of “Shadow Moses,” but rather quickly delves into a progression of quick drums tracks intermingled with sudden piano interludes.Truly, this song is one the palate of the ear will enjoy!

“Uh-oh”, a track demoed and released earlier this month, portrays a completely different emotions. Taking a slower approach and highlighting lead frontwoman Emily Torres’ lyrics about about hidden family secrets and a toxic relationship with those closest to you. The feeling that arises is a combination of happy from all the popping beats as well as the inner turmoil of the lyrics and how accurate they are to the listener. However, my favorite track was “Young Warrior”. Reminiscent of the opening song, the inspiring and uplifting melodies about being your own warrior can help anyone facing obstacles in their life. With a fading piano in the background, it ends off “Eventide” as something that can be played on an endless loop.

While many artists experiment with new sounds to each of their tracks, Lilac Lungs takes their niche and perfects it. Hard hitting lyrics, thrumming bass, and poppy electro beats combine to form a very fantastic album that warrants another play on repeat.

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