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ALBUM REVIEW: Radio Rescue ‘The Soundtrack To Second Place’

Radio RescuePop-punk is one of my favorite genres. It’s fun and it’s got an edge. It’s everything I love about music. There’s melody, there’s those sweet songs that entrance you, there’s the songs that fill you with energy, and there’s the moments that leave you grinning a month later.

Radio Rescue is ideal for my tastes. Their EP The Soundtrack to Second Place is one of the many pieces of my iPod’s musical puzzle that has been missing. With “Am I Killing Time or Is Time Killing Me?” the band starts off with power and an infectious energy.

“Bottom of the Ninth” is catchy and quick, an underdog anthem that will have you desperate to move in any way—tapping your feet, jumping up and down, bobbing your head, et cetera. There is a brief part of the song with what sounds like a video-game effect, which is also used in “If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You’re the Titanic.” When artists attempt to blend such sounds in with their music, it can go one of two ways; it can sound ridiculously over-done and cheesy, or it can work out and add a charm to the track. For Radio Rescue, the pop-punk six-piece pulled it off. If anything, it made the two tracks playful and even more likely to be replayed.

The hyped-up energy of this EP seems to run like the Energizer Bunny (it just “keeps going and going”). “County Lines” keeps that power, but has a sweet subject matter. Lyrically, I cannot stop miming along to the words. This is the kind of song that is the perfect blend of romance and fun.

“A Rendition of Blind Ambition,” along with having a ridiculously fun title, is melodic, with perfectly placed piano that contrasts well with the edgier drum and guitar.

Finishing off with “There’s No ‘I’ in Family,” Radio Rescue seem to be making a promise to keep fighting for what they want as a band. At the end of the day, it’s an obvious declaration of their teamwork and dedication. Much like the other tracks on The Soundtrack to Second Place, it’s catchy and showcases the unwavering talent of each member of Radio Rescue.

Overall, The Soundtrack to Second Place is well-done, with an undeniable quality to the music. It’s everything a good pop-punk EP should be, and it might be what your iPod is missing this week.

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