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ALBUM REVIEW: Selena Gomez ‘Stars Dance’

Selena GomezSelena Gomez is back and better than ever with her brand new album, Stars Dance.  This is Gomez’s first album without her band, The Scene.  I will always love her time with the band, but I cannot help but revel in her more grown up sound.  She’s come a long way since her 2009 debut, Kiss & Tell.  Put your dancing shoes on, Selenators!  This is one album you’re going to want to blast this summer!

The album opens up with “Birthday,” appropriate since the album’s release is one day after Gomez’s 21st birthday.  This song will definitely be a party anthem!  “Slow Down,” which was released during the albums pre-order has been gaining momentum in the blogosphere in the last few weeks.  My first initial thought upon hearing the song was that this album is going to be explosive.

The album’s title track, “Stars Dance,” is nothing short of that notion.  I get the same blissful feeling that I got upon hearing “A Year Without Rain” for the first time in 2010.  Gomez isn’t shy with the use of innuendos, hinting at phenomena and the supernatural as she sings, “I can make the stars dance, light up the moon.”  Leading single, “Come & Get It,” features a mixture of Bollywood and pop that leaves you feeling buoyant while “Forget Forever” follows that same notion while hinting somewhat at a very public breakup.  Hmm…wonder who that could be about?

“B.E.A.T.” had me smiling ridiculously as Gomez channels a pop favorite of mine, Dev. “Bass Down Low,” anyone?  There’s no doubt that this girl isn’t only classy, but she can be sassy as well!  Tracks such as “Like A Champion,” Write Your Name,” and “Undercover” didn’t exactly stick out as much to me, but there is no doubt that Stars Dance is meant to be a light-hearted fun dance album.

The album closes with “Love Will Remember,” a song that was previously leaked months before, with a demo featuring a voicemail from on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber, but the voicemail was cut out of the final mix.  “Love Will Remember” is a perfect breakup anthem that just makes you want to remember the good times of a relationship.

Stars Dance exceeded my expectations greatly and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here. You can stream the album here.

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