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ALBUM REVIEW: The Nearly Deads ‘Invisible Tonight’

TheNearlyDeadsPikePlaceMarketSeattleBrunnerCr The album begins with pounding piano keys before Theresa Jeane’s killer vocals kick in, announcing “we’re over” in an epic way on “I Said.” The passion behind this track is awe inspiring. From the electrifying music to the biting, harsh lyrics, the song blasts from your speakers like a fist.

“Invisible Tonight,” the title track of the album, keeps the energetic, biting tone of the album going, calling out a controlling and demanding partner. It’s the type of song I can picture being performed at Warped Tour to a crowd that jumps and let’s the song take them over. In a similar, powerful vein, “Changeover” features stunning vocal melodies, brilliant rhythmic timing, thanks to Josh Perone (drums), Kevin Koelsch (bass), and Javier Garza Jr. (rhythm guitar). It’s refreshing and immediately promotes the visual of a live performance, especially when you add in the impeccable guitar parts. It stands out beautifully, showcasing the talent of each member of The Nearly Deads.

“Paper Doll” might be one of my favorite tracks on the album, just because of the booming vocals and the metaphorical lyrics, which are so well-written, I find myself entranced. The instrumental perfectly envelopes the overall tone of the song, aiding in bringing the strong, powerful facet.

From the get-go, it seems like Invisible Tonight is biting, raw, and harsh in the best way possible. It’s like a fire, igniting the passionate emotions felt in the breakdown of a relationship. “In The Morning” is heart wrenching, with its melodic, powerful build-up, adding more to the idea that the partner most of these songs are based on was more than just controlling; he was a tyrant that produced fear, but that the heroine finds the strength to leave “Point Of No Return,” accompanied by an incredible shred on the guitar by Steven Tobi, reminiscent of the rock bands of the ’80s.

“You Got Me” is like an alternative-rock song from 2006, with a style that has become every bit a classic today as The Clash has been for punk rock.

Despite the overall aggressive tone of the album, “Brave” takes a more inspiring, strong turn, vowing to fight back. For many fans, I can see them adopting this as their theme song. It features a great message, like a more rock and roll version of Sara Bareilles’s track of the same name; it dominates like a battle-cry, crashing in over any other sound.

“Our Last Adventure” brings the energy down a notch, but maintains the same hopeful, self-assured tone of the previous track. The album also finishes with the slower, piano-driven “Never Look Back,” which may be the most stunning on Invisible Tonight. The emotion-packed finale brings listeners back to Earth without leaving them high and dry, tying up the album with an artistry that is both enviable and admirable.

Invisible Tonight is a perfect soundtrack for a stormy night, rolling in like storm clouds, striking like lightening, and then fading away, leaving nothing but the sensation of something powerful.

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