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ALBUM REVIEW: Trash Boat ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through’

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UK pop punkers, Trash Boat, are gearing up to release their debut LP Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through on June 17th. This is their second release on Hopeless Records, and the follow up to their debut EP, Brainwork. The UK has done a great job of bringing some pop punk bands around over the years, and Trash Boat has managed to prove that there’s definitely “more where that came from.”

The album kicks in with a song called “Stranger,” which features Dan “Soupy” Campbell from The Wonder Years and it couldn’t have been a better song choice to start off with. It has a good mixture of everything that’s contained within this album. Between the fast paced, upbeat melodies, and angsty lyrics, you’ve got a pretty solid pop punk album.

Moving forward, “Brave Face” is where the album takes a little bit of a twist. It has a mildly refreshing feel to it with the richness you feel in the guitar at the beginning. Once the vocals kick in, you get a very gritty feeling added to the song, taking your ears on a roller coaster ride. This song gives a nice break from the raw and aggressive emotion throughout the album.  “Second Wind” is one of those stand out songs after a few listens. It has some inexplicably catchy sadness within the lyrics, and very driven instrumentals to back them up.

Trash Boat has a way of mixing the aggressive and sad sides of pop punk throughout this album. There’s also a bit of everything in-between those sides as well. With that, this band brings something really interesting to the table. There’s those bands in this genre that seem like a carbon copy of one another, and Trash Boat seems to be that light in the darkness that everyone’s been searching to find. 

You can pre-order the album here and buy concert tickets here.

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