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Andy Biersack To Host APMAs

Andy Black NEWAndy Biersack, of Black Veil Brides and Andy Black fame, has quite the full plate. Between two music projects, a radio show, and being married to Juliet Simms, the man does not sit still.

His latest endeavor? Awards show host. Alternative Press announced Biersack will host their awards show, the APMAs, on July 17. Biersack seems just as excited about the opportunity. Check out his post on Instagram about the news after the jump!

For more Black Veil Brides, you can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here!

For more Andy Black, you can purchase a concert ticket here or buy a CD here!

I am incredibly honored and excited to announce that I will be hosting the 2017 #APMAS in Cleveland Ohio on July 17th! This is going to be a very special night and to insure it's potential magic I have invited Lebron, Jim Thome and the ghost of Paul Newman to come perform a medley of classics, the entire 1968 cast of "Hair" will do interpretive dances to every single Warped Tour compilation cd from 1999 to present day AND I'm hoping to give at least 10 life time achievement awards! It's going to be incredible! In all seriousness, the #APMAS present an opportunity for all of us who love alternative rock and underground music to celebrate the sub culture, get dressed up and have fun listening to the music that we love! Rock never dies so long as the rebellion and passion are in our hearts! See ya in Cleveland! P.s Lebron probably won't make it.

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