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TIDAL: The Music Industry’s Biggest Lie

Major modern artists all the way from Alicia Keys to Jay Z have come together to release one of the first ever artist owned music platforms… or, so they say. “Jimi Hendrix once said, that music doesn’t lie,” Alicia Keys spoke at the podium for TIDAL’s launch video, and she’s right. Music doesn’t lie, but these musicians who have come together to be a face for the type of companies they state they are against? That is a lie, perhaps one of the biggest lies we have ever seen in the…

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Indie Band Refuses Pitiful McDonalds Offer (UPDATED)

If you haven’t heard, proud indie band Ex Cops recently refused a pathetic offer by Mcdonalds to basically be sponsored without getting paid a single dime.     Originally posted 3/5/15 Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Zach E. West ’28 Years Later’

I write with a bit of sadness that I’m reviewing 28 Years Later, quite possibly the final album Zach E. West has created. For almost two years he has worked on this album, and I must say it is a work of art that must have paid off for him. He has a talent for expressing himself in ways that we all can understand and resonate with – not to mention he continues producing music that is absolutely mind-blowing to the average listener. I say this because, it’s not every…

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Infectious Magazine had the opportunity to interview Zach E. West, a musician who has been immersed in the music scene for 12 years. He has released his final album, 28 Years Later. He spoke with us on everything from the music industry, to a special someone who is the center of quite possibly his final song. Read on for the entire interview! To hear Zach E. West’s final album, You can purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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Within The Ruins Raises Almost 8k In Under 24 Hours After Van Accident

Massachusetts’ Metal Band Within The Ruins, had a brush with death yesterday evening. Luckily everyone is ok, but their means of transportation was completely destroyed – along with all the gear they need to continue their tour with Suicide Silence. In under 24 hours, though they’ve managed to raise almost 8k on GoFundme. You can also purchase a CD or buy tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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PHOTOS: Guitar Center’s 26th Annual Drum Off

Check out the full online photo gallery of Guitar Center’s 26th Annual Drum Off on January 17th, 2015 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA. Purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. All photos by Caitlin Shores.     Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Forever Losing Sleep ‘I Lost Myself Again’

Only in recent years have I come to terms with the fact that 90’s wave emo probably won’t come back. I’m usually indulging in the nostalgic bands that once were, and shamelessly following up on good skramz. I was pleasantly surprised coming across a band like Forever Losing Sleep, an emo band from New Jersey. Their most recent release is titled I Lost Myself Again, in which they’ve taken a classic genre filled with raw, nostalgic emotion, and mixed it in with a little bit of an ambient feel to…

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INTERVIEW: Buddy Nielsen (Senses Fail)

This week Infectious Magazine’s Caitlin Shores went backstage to chat with Buddy Nielsen, the lead vocalist of Senses Fail. Just before finishing up the last tour date on the Let It Enfold You 10 Year Anniversary Tour, we got to discuss today’s music demands, as well as future plans for the band. Check out the interview below, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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PHOTOS: No Bragging Rights, Santa Ana, CA

Check out the full online photo gallery of No Bragging Right’s show on October 5th, 2014 at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA. Purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. All photos by Caitlin Shores.   Please follow and like us:

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