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REVIEW: The Gaslight Anthem Take Us Home One Last Time (Asbury Park, NJ)

Days into my Freshman year at a now defunct arts school thousands of miles away from home, I got dumped. Hard. Not only dumped, but replaced. Which, for an overly dramatic, heartbroken, homesick college co-ed, was just the worst thing ever. I wandered the mean streets of Chester, New Hampshire desperately searching for a place that felt like home to sit and lick my wounds. On one particularly cliche and dramatic night, I found myself wandering the graveyard alone. Laid flat on my back atop a quintessentially New England stone…

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What I Would Change About The Music Industry: Pay To Play

Ah! What a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, birds are singing and your neighbor’s kid has managed to flood the tub and now it’s leaking into your living room. Time to call a roofer. So you call them up, hire them for their service, set up the date and time they’ll fix your stuff and then you charge them up front to have the privilege of working on your busted roof. Oh, wait…that’s not how that works. Let me try again. So your kid is turning four and for…

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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Lauren

So, this is the bit where I’m supposed to tell you how important music is to me. I should tell you that since I was little I was addicted to the stuff and that my mom rubbed my gums with Dunlop Lemon Oil when I was fussy as an infant. Ok, so only the first half of that statement is true. But my dad did once give me the Macarena single as a tooth fairy gift when he ran out of quarters…truth. Anyway. I’m an old lady by Infectious standards….

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In The Spotlight: Sammy Kay

I think at some point in every music fans’ life, we fall in love with a complete stranger because of the way they hold a guitar, or they way they sing those sad songs that get you right in the ticker. Sammy Kay is one of those people. If I weren’t way too cool to use slang words in an unironic way, I’d most definitely tell you that this New Brunswick dude is dripping swagger out of every pore. But I’m an adult, so instead I’ll say that Sammy Kay…

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To Fangirl Or Not To Fangirl

Hi, I’m Lauren. The first concert I ever saw was The Monkees when I was six and I’m pretty sure that makes me cooler than you. I cry at the end of La Bamba every single time even though I know how it ends, and I think The White Stripes version of “Jolene” may well be better than the original. I have had a whole ton of really awesome experiences that most people only dream about. I’ve worked for record labels, booked shows at really cool venues all over the…

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