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Brandon Swanson To Leave I Am The Avalanche

I Am The AvalancheBrandon Swanson, one of the guitarists of I Am The Avalanche, announced recently he will be leaving the band after their December 26 holiday show.

You can read a statement for Swanson below.

The band’s holiday show will be at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY. They’ll be playing alongside Iron Chic and The Scandals.

To listen to more of I Am The Avalanche, you can purchase a CD here. And to check out their shows, you can buy concert tickets here.

Friends, this is going to be my final show with IATA. I’d love it if you could join us for for the show. I’m gonna have as much fun as possible, probably some beers and some tears. But lots of smiles and hugs as well. Hope to see you there. […] Just to clear the air, I didn’t get kicked out or anything. I feel very accomplished in the 10 years I spent recording records and touring the world with my brothers. It’s just time for me to close this chapter so I can focus on other things I want to try my hand at in my life. Viva 2015! Love y’all. – via Property of Zack

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