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BREAKING NEWS: Zayn Malik Quit One Direction (Separating Fact From Rumor) [UPDATED]

So, unless you have been living under a rock today, you watched as the internet exploded upon news that Zayn Malik has quit One Direction. He was signed off of On The Road Again tour for stress on March 19. Early this morning One Direction released a statement that you can read below.

This is all that we know. There is no statement of this having to do with the cheating rumors. He has not said that he had to buy out his contract. The only things we know for sure is what is above. That said, this will be updated when we do get more information.

For now, don’t sell back your tickets and be prepared for this brand new four-piece of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles to stay on top.

UPDATE #10: Nothing is official till Stephen Hawking weighs in on it. Hawking has now weighed in so Malik’s departure must be official. I kid. Check out Hawking’s thoughts here. It’s an idea many Directioners are bound to love.

Below you will find the statement as well as fan and celebrity reactions.

You can find all other updates after the jump.

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This article was originally published on 3/25/15

UPDATE #1: Payne speaks out in a twitlonger. Though, shockingly (not), Directioners have already broken the page, you can read his message here.

UPDATE #2:  Malik did an audio interview with The Sun. Many fans believe that the interview has been spliced and manipulated, but we’ll let you be the judge. Listen here.

UPDATE #3: Malik has been taken out of the tour videos that are shown throughout each show.

UPDATE #4: Horan speaks out, kinda. He tweeted that he is very excited to start writing the new album. Personally, it sounds like quick turn arounds like this are what caused Malik’s departure in the first place, but alright. See the tweet here.

UPDATE #5: Though Tomlinson has not commented on Malik’s departure, he sure does have a few choice words for Naughty Boy. And I don’t blame him. The producer favorited a very cryptic and very creepy video stating that there is some truth behind it. Tomlinson wasn’t having it (good for him!) You can read his responses here and here.

UPDATE #6: Naughty Boy apparently decided the way to get back at Tomlinson was to hurt Zayn too. He did this by releasing a demo from last year. The song is called “I Won’t Mind.” Check out our review of it here.

UPDATE #7: Directioners were holding out hope that Malik would return and that his departure was just a publicity stunt, however, it seems like that really isn’t going to happen. One Direction: Tomlinson, Horan, Payne and Styles, did a new tour poster for the On The Road Tour sans Malik. It looks like if new directioners want to find posters with Malik present they will have to rummage through old magazines and merch on ebay. Weird how fast things change. (no, that was not a pun)

UPDATE #8: Malik has been completely removed from their Management, Modest! Management’s site. The four-piece has a new official picture and the bio makes no mention of the former band member.

UPDATE #9: Malik broke his Twitter silence saying thank you to some very specific people. Though fans think it’s to them it seems more likely he was talking about close friends. Check out the tweet and let us know what you think.

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  1. Edna Kenny

    I Have just heard they hope it might just be a break and that despite saying they will continue as a four piece this young Irish guy is set to join One Direction as a short term replacement for Zayn so that the band do not have to reorganise harmonies etc for their up coming tour ? He’s really cool check this out

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