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The Wilderness Release Inspired Music Video For “Fall (Despite What You Do)”+ New Interview

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought “how did things end up here?” It’s a complicated emotion that most of us can unfortunately say we’ve been through at one time or another. However, as difficult as it might feel in the moment, it is a poignantly human experience and there’s no denying it’s something that ties us all together—we all feel, we all experience pain, and for the most part, we come out stronger on the other end. In their newly released music video “Fall (Despite What…

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Industry Interview: Jacob Kussmaul (Music Existence)

One of the best parts of this industry is the people you get to meet. When you get right down to it, this is an incredible community of like-minded, passionate, inspirational people, and getting to work with and call those people my friend, has been one of my favorite pieces of running both Infectious and Muddy Paw PR over the last 10 years. For today’s Industry Interview, I wanted to interview a talented writer that I’ve been lucky enough to get to know over the last few years—Jake Kussmaul of…

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Mental Health Matters: An Ode To Greg

Photo: Priscilla Bouillon This year I’ve driven a minivan to literally every corner of the United States. From as far south as San Diego, up to Seattle, all the way across to Boston, down to Atlanta, and all the places in between. I’ve played at dive bars, backyard parties, theaters, small clubs, mid-sized clubs and basically anywhere that will let me play. All because of a dream and a friendship that started on a school bus in Junior High. I met Greg Hillman on my first day of sixth grade…

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Local Heroes: How JONO is Saving the Environment With His New Single “North”

Nature has such a powerful influence on music. Sunny skies, cloudy days, tropical vs. urban; all have shaped different genres of music and moods. Nature is absolutely my number one influence as an artist. It gives my music meaning. And for my solo instrumental rock project, JONO, nature is much more than an influence. After two releases inspired by nature, I felt that it was time to give back. With my newest release, “North” (a song inspired by the Pacific Northwest), all proceeds from the song go towards the preservation…

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Genres Don’t Have to Be Suffocating

(Photo credit: Kathrin Baumbach) I recently had a very frank email exchange with a friend of mine who reviews music.  “I am bored shitless of singer-songwriters,” they said. It was the most triumphant and illuminating sentence I have read in quite a while, and I endeavor to read as much as I possibly can (top tip* try Jelinek’s ‘The Piano Teacher’ or Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett). It is, however, a difficult title to break from when you stand on stage with an acoustic guitar. I am well aware of the…

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PREMIERE: Jon Pattie “Won’t Be Young” Music Video

Photo Credit: Mario Devon. Today Infectious is proud to premiere the debut music video from Nashville based indie-pop artist Jon Pattie. Brimming with self-awareness, hope, and optimism for the future, Pattie takes the compelling imagery in his lead single “Won’t Be Young” and brings it to life with an energetic, lighthearted video that takes listeners around Nashville, and to some of Pattie’s favorite spots. From record stores to reflective walks in the Tennessee outdoors, Pattie says the goal of the video was simply to have fun while showcasing some of…

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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned: Play Every (Interesting) Gig At Least Once

(photo credit: Joe Velz.) When I first started making this music, a manager type friend told me to “play every gig at least once.” At the time, that advice made perfect sense. We were early into the Spotify era. Live shows and college radio were still the only tried and true way to reach fans in other regions/cities. So I’d save up some cash, book a bunch of shows on a short regional tour, rent a van and go. Of course, I didn’t have the cash to promote the shows…

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Unsigned Spotlight: Michael Rider (Alternative/Dream Pop)

If you’re looking for an original, genre-bending artist whose music sweeps you off your feet and transports you into their own captivating world, look no other than the dreampop stylings of New York’s own Michael Rider. At times ethereal in combining gorgeous electronic effects with sparkling piano playing, always entrancing with its poetic stories (“It’s three AM in the morning/it’s half past time the hour/monsters roaming free downstairs/skeleton man takes a pill from his pocket/and sits right next to me” from opening track “Wide Awake”) and intimately soothing vocals, Rider’s…

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Unsigned Spotlight: Ode To No One (NY Alt-Rock)

It seems this statement becomes more critical with each passing year, but truly in 2019, it is more important than ever to stay socially and politically – and yes, musically – informed by facts and driven by hope, positivity and equality. New York-based alt-rockers Ode To No One have all these qualities and more in spades, using their platform to take action by advocating for the power of love and the strength in diversity. Ode To No One’s latest single and music video, 2018’s “One and the Same” (check it…

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Music Cities: Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park is the music capital of New Jersey. Hosting over 5 venues within the span of one mile, the city shelters musicians and bands of all genres, bringing different kinds of people together. Venues like the Asbury Park Brewery host punk and indie shows with a house party vibe, while the House of Independents provides a spot for major label talent to stop by on their full US tours. In terms of improvement there is a bottomless supply of talent, but not as much business and representation as there…

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