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Death Of The iPod Classic

9-10 ipodApple’s online store has stopped selling the iPod Classic. This, for Apple, marks the end of an era. Check out a report from 9to5 about this news below, after the jump.

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It only took four years, but the iPod classic is finally dead. As part of the Apple website overhaul, the iPod Classic has finally been removed from sale. The new website has been modernized in many ways, but as a byproduct the Classic has been cut from Apple’s lineup.

It was only a matter of time, of course. The last time the iPod Classic was updated at all was in 2008, when storage capacities were adjusted. The design of the iPod Classic dates back to circa 2004. Alas, it is no more. Apple no longer sells a device with a clickwheel.

The iPod shuffle has a four-way button pad that looks like a click wheel, but it does not feature the same trademark touch feedback design. This UI invention has long been surpassed by full touch screen interfaces, seen on Apple’s latest iPhones and the brand new Apple Watch.

Also, with Apple ridding itself of the iPad 2 earlier this year, the iPhone 4S today and now the iPod classic, you can no longer buy a 30-pin device from Apple even though they’ll likely live on in 3rd party stores / world countries.

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