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Emmure Frontman Advised Not To Scream For Two Weeks

EmmureAfter visiting with a doctor in Des Moines, Iowa, Emmure frontman, Frankie Palmeri, was advised to not scream for the next two weeks. You can read what Palmeri had to say about the issue below the jump along with a picture of his impaired vocal cords.

Earlier this week, the band cancelled two of their shows with Suicide Silence due to a “major tear” in Palmeri’s vocal cords.

As of now, however, the band has agreed to stick it out and continue on with the tour. To check out Emmure live alongside Suicide Silence, Within The Ruins, and Fit For An Autopsy, you can buy concert tickets here. You can also purchase a CD here

Hey everyone , Frankie here again .

Just wanted to update you on my voice situation.

First off..the support and love I saw come from you guys was really incredible and I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and concern.

After returning to the stage last night in Nebraska , I decided it was best to really get a grasp on how much damage there is to my voice and whether or not I can actually continue on with the tour.

I got the chance to see a doctor today in Des Moines , Iowa and was advised by a ENT specialist to not scream for at least the next two weeks..

This was devastating news..

But with that being said..that does not mean we are canceling and that does not mean I will not be on stage to deliver the best show possible regardless of my condition…

I am highly depending on you , our fans. To come and help me get through these next couple weeks and really take part in the short time we have on stage as we support Suicide Silence on this 3 week long tour.

And just in case anyone thinks I am full of shit I added the photos of my diagnosis from today’s doctors visit.

Again…this is just to keep you informed on how I am doing and to remind you all that that we are NOT canceling anymore shows and despite my condition I will be up there to perform and reconnect with all of you amazing supporters. -FRANKIE PALMERI

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