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GUEST BLOG: 3 Tips To Translate Music Into Wearable Style

HolidayMountainPress2If you had a hot date with someone you were really looking forward to seeing, chances are you might act less confident if you just rolled out of bed and hit the town in your sweatpants than if you had taken some time to look in the mirror and think about what message you wanted to communicate with your body. Performing musically to me feels a lot like a romantic date with someone you really like – there is this highly energetic and lucid buzz happening all around and you really need to do all you can to feel grounded enough to put your best foot forward before you end up putting your foot in your mouth instead.

‘Dressing the part’ is something a hater can call ‘vain’ or ‘superficial’, but the social media revolution is proving we are primarily a visual generation. Valuing how you present your art visually can greatly affect how much an audience understands your message. It doesn’t have to take hours and it doesn’t make you a diva to care and to be aware of you and your band’s physical bodies.

To make it easy, I’ve come up with 3 tips to help you translate music into unique and wearable style that aids your ability to creatively communicate:

1. Texture 
If you have a clean, sleek-n-smooth sort of sound you might do something as simple as wash your hair right before a show, but if you’re going for something punkier you could rock grittier hair with more liberal volume and styling. In my dance pop trio Holiday Mountain, we are all about shiny attention-grabbing synth sounds so the vast majority of our stage costumes use sparkly and metallic textures – my current favorite is holographic spandex!

If you have an earthy folk pop act, maybe you can all agree on something as easy as brown pants, rust-colored button-up shirts and badass mustaches like you’re from the Wild West. For Holiday Mountain, we keep it hella neon to match the audacious electronic sounds. It shows intention and unity for a band to have a dress or color code, and it can be anything you think honestly reflects what you’re creating.

3.Dress For Your Body Type/Don’t Twerk
We all have physical insecurities but F*$@ that. This is your mental time to be honest with yourself and less than humble – shhhh, I won’t tell anyone! If you know what your best physical qualities are, you can treat them like the focal point(s) in your piece of art. This being said, keep it classy; the goal is to further communicate your message to the audience, and if you’re twerking while talking, don’t expect anyone to be able to listen to what you’re saying. Accentuating doesn’t have to mean giving it away – just like dating, always walk away with them wanting more! <3

Laura Patino is the frontwoman and synth player of Austin, TX-based psychedelic pop trio Holiday Mountain. Along with Zander Kagle (drums/electric percussion) and Bradley Will (electric bass/synth/vocals), their own self-styled brand of “heavy ass dance pop” will have you out in the center of the dance floor in no time. For proof, check out their trippy new music video for “Motion Sickness” below and keep an eye out for their upcoming LP titled “You Be You,” set for release in early 2015. If you absolutely can’t wait that long and want to see them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

Holiday Mountain on social media: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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