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LIVE REVIEW: Better Than Ezra, St. Louis, MO

Better Than EzraOn November 13, 2014 I finally got the chance to see Better Than Ezra perform live in concert.  This show was on my bucket list, so the band really had a lot of weight on their shoulders. 

When I first arrived at The Pageant in St. Louis, I was very nervous to see if these ’90s icons still had a big enough following to pack a venue.  And with only myself and a few of others standing in the pit area minutes before the opening act went on, I was wondering if any more people would show.

Better Than Ezra’s opening act, Seven Handle Circus, went on stage promptly at 8 p.m. Luckily, by the time the opener took the stage, the crowd had filled out tremendously and the show was really getting going!  Seven Handle Circus, which is somewhat reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, jammed for a little over a half an hour before leaving the stage.  Seven Handle Circus put on quite the show, and the band is obviously filled with tons of extremely talented individuals!

After the stage was prepped, the main event could finally begin. Better Than Ezra took the stage in style with a booming announcer voice introducing them.  They immediately started rocking out to “King of New Orleans.”  I heard a roar from the audience, and turned around to see that the crowd had grown even more during the short intermission.  In fact, the entire pit area of the venue was now basically packed with fans.

Better Than Ezra put on an amazing show and surely left ever single person at The Pageant pleased.  I had been anxiously awaiting this show for months, and believe me, the guys did not disappoint!  They played all of their big hits, such as “Extra Ordinary,” “A Lifetime,” and “Desperately Wanting,” as well as some awesome covers.  The band really personalized their show to St. Louis and even played “Johnny B. Goode” to reference the father of rock ‘n’ roll and St. Louis native, Chuck Berry.

The show was filled with so much energy and excitement; I had no idea what was going to happen next!  For example, during another one of their hit songs, “Juicy,” the band invited girls from the crowd to come on stage.  Several women in the audience made their way to the front in order for a once in a lifetime chance to dance on stage with Better Than Ezra.

Judging by the looks on the crowds faces that night; everyone appeared to have as much fun as I did at my first Better Than Ezra concert.  The room was filled with such positive energy and the band just radiated good vibes. When the show was over I carried that great feeling with me and kept singing all the way to the car!

Want to keep up with Better Than Ezra?  You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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