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LIVE REVIEW: Chris Hutka Of The Bunny The Bear’s Onstage Intoxication Forces The Show to End

The Bunny the BearThe Bunny The Bear, a metalcore/synthpop band famous for having their clean vocalist wear a bear mask and their unclean vocalist wear a bunny mask, played Manhattan’s The Studio at Webster Hall last night (February 11, 2014) and gave a performance their fans will not soon forget.  After two rather impressive opening bands, including the Long Island based Call It Home who practically stole the show, The Bunny The Bear presented one of the most catastrophic performances I have ever witnessed.  I’m left wondering how long The Bear will be a component of The Bunny The Bear.  My prediction would be not much longer.

As the band was setting up, The Bear, aka Chris Hutka, more or less stumbled on stage slurring and dropping some pretty unnecessary profanity as he asked the audience to bring him some Jack Daniels.  He eventually started the set before the band was entirely ready. The Bunny, Matthew Tybor, wasn’t even on stage yet.  Less than two songs into the set the iconic masks were off and guitarist Alex Matos began to sing the vocal melodies typically reserved for Hutka.  This was followed by Tybor’s resounding comment to Hutka, “You can’t sing for shit ’cause you’re drunk!” before announcing to the crowd that there would be one last song for the night.  At this moment, it all just went downhill for The Bear. After nearly falling on a group of girls in the audience, he spent the remaining few minutes sprawled on the stage floor growling into a microphone.  Needless to say, it took only a few seconds for the rest of the band to exit the stage and drag Hutka with them before an announcement came on thanking the audience for their attendance and asking them to leave the venue.

So yes, it turns out that Chris Hutka was actually intoxicated while performing and it shed a highly negative light on the band.  Though this should have been the end of the show, it was the events that transpired afterwards that leave me still in shock.  As a room filled with diehard fans stood trying to figure out exactly what had just happened, Hutka would eventually come back on stage and attempt to speak (or perhaps even sing) into a microphone no longer turned on.  He literally had to be escorted from the stage and guitarist Nate Blasdell had to come out and make a statement apologizing on behalf of the band.  Blasdell informed their audience that Chris Hutka’s actions do not reflect the actions or mentality of the overall group and that they were sorry that their fans had to witness such a disaster of a  performance.

I personally really like The Bunny The Bear.  I attended the show to see what I would have expected to be a really fun and upbeat performance.  What I got, however, was far from disappointment, and in reality, it was rather pathetic.  I truly feel bad for the rest of The Bunny The Bear as they were put in an awkward position that I think was handled professionally for the most part.  On the bright side, I was introduced to two great opening acts, Call It Home and Jose Garzon, who delivered solid metalcore and pop punk performances respectively.  Hopefully these acts will never perform in the manner that the night’s headliner did. It is much better to perform sober than under the influence.  The rock star stereotype doesn’t work for everyone.

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One Thought to “LIVE REVIEW: Chris Hutka Of The Bunny The Bear’s Onstage Intoxication Forces The Show to End”

  1. Matt Tybor

    I’m really sorry about that show man, I was MORE than let down by Chris’s horrible and disrespectful performance. Next time you want to come out let me know, I’d love to meet up and chat.
    You deserve the show you came to see!
    -Matt (Bunny)

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