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LIVE REVIEW: DJ Heavygrinder Rocks Penscacola Beach

253266_10151560259101112_454246020_nWhile I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be a “metalhead” and I’m not as into electronic music as a lot of the people I know, I can say that I do have an appreciation for both and I do enjoy them in appropriate doses. When I found out about a show coming to town that would actually be combining the two, I decided that this would be worth checking out. Especially when I learned that it would be taking place at Castaway’s Beachside Entertainment Complex. This show literally took place on the white, sandy beaches of Pensacola, Florida.

The show was orchestrated by OHMS Entertainment and featured four DJs from across the country with Heavygrinder and Exzile co-headlining. I take my seat at an outside bar made out of a small tiki hut and order myself a double rum and coke while I wait for the night to unfold. The first two acts of the night (DJ Supagi and Flawless Victory) execute their sets seamlessly and provide a consistent stream of chill yet hard-hitting dance music. The crowd is a rotating cast of glowing hula hoopers, poi dancers (both led and fire) and people getting down with the classic regular old glow sticks.

At midnight, DJ Heavygrinder (whose name is inspired by Cannibal Corpse’s frontman, Corpsegrinder) walks out on stage wearing a black gown that makes her look like some sort of beautiful fallen angel.  She opens up her set with a metal-dub remix of Linkin Park’s “Don’t Stay,” and the party is officially underway.

I’ve always thought that it would make sense to mix heavy rock music with electronic music but I had never actually seen it done until tonight. Even people who seem to be a bit out of place are singing along when she throws a little AC/DC into the mix. When I hear Lamb of God’s “Redneck” come out of the speakers I can’t resist at least a slight head bob and I just flat out give into the music when her famous remix of the Pantera classic, “Walk,” starts up.

All-in-all, I leave the beach feeling content with my decision to spend my Saturday night hanging out on the beach with a crowd full of loving people who just want to have a good time and enjoy our short lives on this planet.

Check out DJ Heavygrinder’s Soundcloud  page to get your own taste of the metal-dub that I got to experience beachside . Also make sure to check out DJ Supagi, Flawless Victory and DJ Exzile’s music while you’re at it.

Check back soon for an interview with Heavygrinder where she discusses her upcoming tour with Blood on the Dancefloor, life as a female DJ and her weekend at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

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