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LIVE REVIEW: Face to Face, Less than Jake, Direct Hit!, The Jukebox Romantics

If you ever wanted to go to a live show that reminiscent of a backyard house party, BLK Live in Scottsdale is the place for you. Between the residential sized pool, comfy cabanas and outdoor bar, BLK Live is the ideal spot for a punk rock fan to enjoy a show.

Opening the bill was The Jukebox Romantics, hailing from New York, this high-energy three piece group was the perfect way to kick off the night. The second group to play was Direct Hit!, a Midwestern pop-punk band that sound like The Ramones and Blink-182 had a love child. As the sun went down, the energy went up in anticipation of the first headliner taking the stage.

Less than Jake, a band who has seen their fair share of crowds, interacted with fans in the front row and encouraged everyone to get in the pool before their set was over. While most attendees refrained from taking a dive, their set was a non-stop fun ride.

Lastly, Face to Face hit the stage as the nights headliners. Keep in mind, Less than Jake and Face to Face have been switching off throughout the tour as to who is the official headliner, so both of their sets were meant to go all out. The guys finished the night out strong, with a double mosh pit, one of which was in the pool, and a beer can filled floor.


Tickets are still available for rest of the tour. You can purchase tickets here and keep up with the bands on their social media pages.

The Jukebox Romantics – FacebookWebsiteInstagramSpotify
Direct Hit! – FacebookWebsiteInstagramSpotify
Less than Jake – FacebookWebsiteInstagramSoundcloud
Face to Face – FacebookWebsiteInstagramYoutube

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