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LIVE REVIEW: Never Say Never Festival, Mission, Texas

never say never The seventh annual Never Say Never Festival in Mission, Texas brought in A Skylit Drive, Dance Gavin Dance, Attila and more to create a two-day event jam packed with music, mosh pits and crowdsurfers.

Jonny Craig’s most recent project Slaves kicks off the festival. The band jumps right into things with “My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls.” Bassist, Colin Vieria, has a trouble pumping us up but After a while, we all begin jumping around and singing along to these songs that mean so much to us.

I find myself transitioning over to Dance Gavin Dance’s set. The band put their old disputes aside to give us a show that was the furthest thing from boring. “Lemon Meringue Tie” starts blasting through the speakers and we all find ourselves swaying along to the beat of the song. Clean vocalist, Tilian Pearson, gives the show his all and the crowd was able to pick up on the band’s enthusiasm.

A Skylit Drive starts playing “Wires And The Concept Of Breathing” and a bunch of kids start chiming in the words.The connection between the musicians and the fans is incredible as we all got lost in the song. The crowd’s mood is contagious and I soon find myself hoping to stay locked in this moment forever.

Post-hardcore/EDM band Palisades’ burst out into what seems like  a perfectly timed out and well-crafted show. At this point, I’m at the center of the crowd as we all begin singing along and pumping our fists in the air.

Although I am not familiar with Attila’s music, I know that their show is going to be a good one. The band makes it clear that they consider themselves a ‘party metal’ band. The band does not seem to be the least bit shy or intimidated as they begin to show us what their music is all about. We all dig the band’s I-don’t-care-attitude and we seem to be adopting the same mantra ourselves. Halfway through the set, the band’s vocalist orders us to create a wall of death and we all make sure to follow his instructions. We start a huge pit and I manage to get punched in the face a few times. If that doesn’t describe an Attila show well enough, I don’t know what does.

I am eager to see what Never Say Never Festival has in store for next year. Mission, Texas is about an hour and a half away from South Padre Island, so if you’re planning on traveling to South Texas next spring break, you can buy concert tickets here when they become available.




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