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LIVE REVIEW: TesseracT, Plini, Astronoid

If you ever want to see a diverse group of music fans all together, go to a TesseracT concert. From tweens to parents to couples to your stereotypical metal-head, the crowd was as unique as the sound coming off the stage.

Astronoid opened up with heavy hitting drums, sick bass lines, and a trio of guitars. This five piece group certainly have a unique sound that they have coined as “Dream Trash”, which after hearing them play, I don’t disagree. Next up was Plini.

Plini is a progressive rock artist that is more or less a solo artist, but has a band of talented musicians with him in the studio and on tour. Though he doesn’t sing and is slightly awkward when speaking to the crowd, his stage presence and showmanship is top notch.

As far as the headliner goes, the crowd was delivered some bad news. Daniel Tompkins came on stage as the band was setting up and announced that he had laryngitis and would not be able to perform. He asked that the crowd get behind the band and sing along to every song they possibly could. And boy, did they deliver. Amos Williams, the bass player, had some of the most incredible energy on stage and would often times acknowledge those in the crowd that were singing along to the music. At the end of their set, Williams hoped down and finished the song playing up close and personal. He hugged the fans around him and completed an incredible moment for those who may have been disappointed.

At the end of the day, some fans were upset because they came from out of state and were not able to see the full band perform, but knowing that the guys still showed up and wanted to perform says a lot about them and how much they value their fans.

Tickets are still available for the rest of their tour. Purchase tickets here and keep up with the bands on their travels below.

Astronoid – Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

Plini – Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

TesseracT – Facebook, Instagram, Spotify

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