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LIVE REVIEW: Total Slacker Feat. PAWS And Flashlights

Never, ever judge a band by the crowd they pull for a show. The biggest bands in the world started out with little to no one in the clubs and stages. These bands are no different. In fact, it actually made the three performances significantly more intimate. Though these bands had never toured together, they had met before, so the tour chemistry was already set in motion.

Flashlights, a punk rock band originating from Orlando, starts off with their upbeat and unique sound. Their meaningful lyrics and stage presence leaves a lasting impression on the crowd. Though they experienced a few technical difficulties, Ryan from PAWS was there to help, lending them a bass and guitar so they could finish off strong.

On the eve of the Scottish independence vote, PAWS was glued to their computer prior to the show. They brought their laptop on stage, keeping it faced towards the crowd so we could be involved in their life-changing moments.

This was the second time I had seen this great band and I was more impressed than I was last time. Each individual has their own style of performing, but they seem to work well together.  Towards the end of their set, Josh started to dismantle his drum set and take it to the floor where the crowd was standing. The rest of the band followed suit and performed a close and personal last three songs. As mentioned before, the crowd was not large, but being inches from the band members really showed PAWS’ love for those who attended.

Finally, Total Slacker took the stage. With two new band members on board, they kicked off their set with a fast paced tune, sung by Tucker and Emily. A few songs in, Terry from Flashlights hops on stage and sings along in perfect harmony and never missed a lyric. As they traveled through their set, they prefaced each song with a short story or explanation of what the song means. They are a young band venturing the country, so their songs appeal to those that are listening.

It is clear that the comradery between the bands is some of the strongest between a touring package. Their attitudes towards each other and their willingness to stand among the paying listeners to watch the shows night after night was a breath of fresh air. It is rare to see bands supporting each other on a tour, especially when their tour is a month and a half.

I am anxious to see how all three bands do on the rest of their tour and in their future musical endeavors.

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