Music Launch Summit Is Revolutionizing How We Think About The Music Industry

Summit Speakers 1000x1000 v1 (1)What initially started off as an online community for artists and industry professionals grew into a support system bound together tighter than anyone ever thought it would.

The Facebook group, coined the Music Launch Hub, is a community of over 300 people who are all, in some way, involved in the music industry. The group, which is comprised of everyone from artists to publicists to designers and managers, and is an inviting place for industry pros to seek advice, build connections, and help connect the music industry.

“I created this group so like-minded musicians and industry people can help each other, ask questions about their career, collaborate and really help each other have more success with their music and careers,” founder Steve Palfreymen wrote on the Facebook group page.

When asked how to build a strong support system, Palfreyman said the first step is to actually want to reach out and connect with people. The second step, he said, is having people to connect with.

“That’s kind of why I started the Facebook group—to show that there are actually a lot of people that really care about any artists’ career and any industry professional trying to get their own shot at doing their own career,” he said.

Using physical conferences as his inspiration, Palfreyman got to work. “I wanted to bring the type of inspiration that I’d had from physical conferences to everybody. That’s the main thing. That and the support system that kind of goes along with those conferences.”

After a few months, and several connections, Music Launch Summit was announced. The conference, as its name suggests, focuses on launching. In music, launching is often overlooked.

Palfreyman noticed there were so many artists releasing music, but not necessarily launching music.

“Putting out music is not a launch,” Palfreyman said. “Having a strategy in place is a launch. It’s basically building up in momentum rather than just throwing stuff out and that falling on deaf ears.”

As an independent musician himself, Palfreyman has a good idea of what topics are ideal for Music Launch Summit. “I’m asking questions that an indie artist wants to know, based on things I want to know, or things I’ve wanted to know,” he said.

One of the greatest things about Music Launch Summit is its appeal to both artists and music professionals alike. “I really wanted it to be accessible for artists,” Palfreyman said. “I also really wanted to make sure that industry pros would get something out of it as well.”

On the first day of the summit, Palfreyman is going to host a live stream where he will hand pick speakers, based on attendees’ unique needs. “That’s mainly because I know there’s a lot in there and consuming everything isn’t practical,” he said. “But consuming the right things is important.”

The way it works is, three sessions will be uploaded each day. Then, each session will be streaming for three days. “So,there’s plenty of time to catch the ones that you want to catch,” Palfreyman said. “And that’s all in the free pass, over the three weeks that it’s running.”

For people looking for a more in-depth option, and lifetime access to all the speakers, there is a VIP option available. “They’ll get videos early, and they’ll have them forever,” he said. “The thing I’m most pumped about is working with the VIPs on their launch strategy for four weeks after the summit, and implementing everything they learn. That’s the bit I’m most excited for.”

Sometimes, though, it’s tough trying to convince people to invest their time in something. “I know the people that are more experienced are probably gonna be like ‘I don’t need this,’ or ‘I don’t don’t have the time for that,’ or ‘I don’t know if I should spend the time on that,’ and I will actually push and say, ‘You do. You need to remember this stuff.’

Despite the summit’s growing success, Palfreyman remains humble. “It wasn’t meant to be this big,” he said. “There were meant to be 20 odd guests. It just kept growing and now we’re nearly at 50. It’s exciting.”

The summit announced a new round of speakers including Dave Kusek (New Artist Model), John Oszajca, Cari Cole, Ariel Hyatt (Cyber PR), Graham Cochrane (The Recording Revolution), Bob Baker (Music Marketing Guru), Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), Jennie Sager (Twitter), Rodney Holder (MusicBusiness Facts), Andrew Apanov (WeSpin), Budi Voogt (Heroic Recordings), and Ian Clifford (Make It In Music). They will be joining over 40 industry experts, speaking on the topics of radio play, PR, songwriting tips, label expertise, and more.

Music Launch Summit runs from September 13-October 4th. To experience the event for yourself, you can secure your spot here.

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