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Face ValueOur first split was with emo/acoustic artist, Chris Swartz, in the winter of 2015. He came to us with the idea of doing an acoustic split and we thought it would be a killer idea, being something we hadn’t done at the time. Plus there’s something warm and inviting about an acoustic song, especially in the dead cold of winter in Maryland.

A split is cool because it really is a collaboration of two artists and that affects everything from the title of the CD we released to the artwork to the tour support, etc. The overall feel of the split is a mix of both Face Value and Chris, which is super enticing as you blare these songs into your ear holes. He has a very emotional vibe to his songs and we have an energetic feel to ours, something that benefits the album and I think that makes us all sound that much better.

We hope people can get cozy this fall, maybe brew some hot cocoa while lying in a snuggie, and feel something deep while listening to Spent//Forevermore as it approaches its 1 year anniversary! Thanks guys!

Face Value (formerly Out To See) finalized their current line-up when founding members Alec Myers (vocals) and Jeremiah Douglas (drums) linked up with brothers Parker Ross (lead guitar) and Grayson Ross (bass). This coupling would mesh the unique pop-rock and effect-driven sound of the Ross brothers with the fundamental raw punk tendencies towards which Alec and Jeremiah continued to gravitate.

To hear more from Face Value, you can purchase a CD here.

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