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MY FIRST TIME: Lilac Lungs

Hi! We are Lilac Lungs and we’re going to talk a little bit about our first time writing, recording, and then releasing a full length album. None of our members had ever been through the process of writing a full length album. Music has been apart of all four of our lives ever since we could remember, so it’s very interesting and weird that none of us had ever recorded a full length before. At the same time, none of us would’ve wanted to experience it with anybody else. All four of our members have been in multiple bands/musical projects that have recorded and released material before. However, writing, recording, and releasing a full length album is a whole new animal.

The beginning stages of writing our full length were spent in a basement making demos, or pre-production versions of the songs that are on the album. It was there where we got the basic idea of what the song was eventually going to end up like before we went into the studio. Having all of the songs in this “demo form” makes for a smoother and quicker experience when it comes time to go into the studio to record the final songs. While undergoing these stages of pre-production, we really learned how each other operate as musicians. This process also allowed for us to truly hone in on the writing process within the band. Prior to writing this album, none of us had ever written music with more than one person. You could say that perfecting this process was frustrating at times, but after a few trial and error experiences we were able to structurize and compose our music with fluidness, like a team.

Recording music is a very exciting aspect of being a musician, yet it can be daunting at times. Especially when you don’t personally know the producer you’re working with beforehand, and when you’re recording enough material to create a full length album. Before going into the studio that we recorded at, we barely knew who are producer was, and we had heard little amounts of examples from him. We were told that he was a very driven and creative person so we decided to give him a shot. After spending the first day with Lee, we were very pleased with our decision to record with him. Within the first few hours of us being there, he had already researched the style of music inspired us very thoroughly, and he seemed to have a very firm grasp on the approach we needed to take to conquer this album. This put our minds at ease, know knowing we could focus strictly on being the best artists we could be to create those songs. After a long two weeks of living at our producers studio, waking up every day and working for hours on end into the night, we headed home. Then, every week after that we drove 2 hours to the studio to stay there Thursday night through Sunday night. That lasted for about another 2 months. It was a long time coming of long drives, sleepless nights, but we were finally finished with recording our album.

You think the hard work might ease up after those long and grueling weeks of recording the album, but it had just begun. After finally finishing up our album, we instantly set up our “album release” show date and started working on promotion and marketing for that. We knew that we wanted to take the next big steps as a band, so we decided to hire on publicists to help us push this album release to the next level. It was also very important to us that we made this album release and show something to remember. We wanted to wow not only our local music community, but anyone and everyone in the music industry that we could. This means making sure our album is being talked about by as many people and music outlets as possible. For the show, the production value had to be through the roof. High quality lights, visual screens, and stage setups were a must. Our show and release of the album is about 2 weeks out now, and we couldn’t be more excited. We can see a little light at the end of a long, strenuous tunnel. It’s the moments where we get to sit back and see what we truly accomplished that make all of the stress and hard work worth every moment.

Forming in the late Fall of 2015, Lilac Lungs brings together a group of four friends from various musical influences — Emily Torres (Vocals), Johney Birrell (Guitar), Terrance Elizondo (Bass) and Matt Jones (Drums), creating a sound laden with ambient synths, hard-hitting bass-lines, and a wide variety of vocal ranges.

Since being together, the band has opened for such acts as Emarosa, Slaves, The Orphan, The Poet and has made festival appearances at Arts, Beats, and Eats, Detroit River Days and Port Huron, MI’s annual Blue Water Festival. In 2016, the band was named 89x Radio’s “People’s Choice Award” Winner.

With the band’s debut full-length album, Eventide, the band presents their listeners with a cornucopia of emotion. The album title, Eventide, is the safest resting place for all these songs and the feelings they evoke. Frontwoman Emily Torres states, “I wanted to capture the thoughts of the night, how we fear them and really use the album artwork to represent a never ending sunset as the safe place, where I want to always be lost in.

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