My First Time: Releasing an EP

Hi, I’m Matt from The Covasettes and I’m going to talk about the process of recording and releasing our first EP ‘It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds’ (It’s Always Sunny).

Before the release of our EP we had released five singles over two years and we really wanted to tackle a bigger project. The first thing we did was to decide which songs we wanted to release. We had two songs we knew were going to feature from the outset, ‘Twit Twoo’ and ‘You & I’. We then decided to add two more songs, ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘Fine Lines’ because they complimented the first two so well while still sounding unique.

The first step of recording was to create the demos and work out what we wanted the songs to sound like, and then we booked a studio to record the drums. Everything else was recorded at home. The four of us live together and our bassist is a great producer so we felt like we would get better results taking our time to perfect the tracks at home than if we went into a studio with time restraints. The next move was to record DIs for bass, rhythm and lead; mainly this was done song by song over a couple of weeks but some of the tracks were done two in a day. With all the basics recorded we rotated the songs in order to keep our ideas fresh and not getting tired of any of the songs.

One of the most time-consuming things on the EP was the editing, from comping all the best takes to editing the drums and vocals, the whole process took countless hours and seemed like it was never going to end; the bulk of those hours were spent by Jamie our bassist.

After the editing and tweaking we had the basics of the track down and then moved on to re-amping guitars, writing synth parts and of course recording vocals. During this time we started preparations for the actual release of the EP. We have gathered a long list of contacts from the world of music blogs, magazines and reviewers over the years but with this being our biggest release ever we wanted to expand that list. Consequently, alongside recording and editing, a lot of man-hours were put into PR in order to try and spread our product as far and wide as possible. We also felt it was important to create a strong sense of image with the EP, so we used an artist named Carl Tai Thompson who created some amazing ideas for the artwork that we absolutely love; and we’re pretty sure it is instantly recognizable after you’ve seen it once. Having strong artwork gave us the ability to create merchandise with the idea to earn some money on the back of the EP; sadly Spotify doesn’t pay the bills.

Once all the legwork had been done (tracks finished, PR list ready, release date decided etc.) we booked a release show in our hometown of Manchester for the week after the release of Its Always Sunny. By the end of the process we were very tired. Altogether we spent over six months recording the EP as well as writing and gigging them beforehand, overall we think it was roughly a year in the making. The next step for us was to send the tracks to Parr Street Studios in Liverpool to be mixed and mastered. This is always a strange moment where we hand our tracks over to someone else and they put their spin on them. However, we have total confidence is Chris Taylor who has worked on every one of our releases. This time round he did not disappoint! The last thing to do was the PR campaign, which involved a lot of late nights creating press releases and sending emails to playlists, reviewers, bloggers, magazines, radios and many more.

After what felt like a stupidly long process we released ‘It’s Always Sunny Above the Clouds’ and our fans seemed to really enjoy it, our release show sold out and we are embarking on a headline tour later this year to celebrate the EP.

If we were to do it again I think the only thing we would change is music videos. With so much other work to do we couldn’t find the time to make any music videos but we would have loved to release the tracks alongside video in order to get more traction on socials.

Anyway that was our first time!

Thanks for reading! If you made it this far then check out the EP below along with links to socials






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