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Playlist: Growing Up Kristina

Hey there! My name is Kristina and I have been with Infectious since the beginning of the year. With Infectious, I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing some of my favorite bands perform, but also learn and hear about different bands and types of music as well.

I love a variety of music genres, but my heart is with heavy metal, rock and punk. My main educational focuses are photography and journalism, but recently I have been getting involved with social media and marketing.

A lot of music has really influenced my life, so I will give a little snippet of its impact after each one. Also, I love my dog more than life, which is why I chose that picture instead of a normal one. I hope you all enjoy!





1. Since You’re Gone (acoustic) – The Pretty Reckless

This song got me through a rough break up, but it also made me realize how legit Taylor’s voice is. She’s grown up a lot since the days of Cindy Lou Who. If you’ve never heard this band before, you MUST check them out.

2. Adrenalize – In This Moment

This song has not directly had an impact on my life, but my best friend and I both adore their music, so it has a deeper meaning to me.

3. If It Means A Lot To You – A Day to Remember

This is my absolute favorite song from these boys. There is just something about Jeremy’s voice that puts a little more emotion into what the meaning is. Normally there is a female singing the second verse and parts of the chorus, but in this acoustic version, it is just Jeremy in all his greatness.

4. Please Don’t Go – Barcelona


First off, this video is absolutely beautiful within itself, but this song is just chills for days. This is the first song I heard from Barcelona and to this day it is still the most played song on my iTunes. His ethereal-esque voice in the chorus is so haunting and passionate.

5. Dream Catcher – Set It Off

There is something about this band that just makes me love them more every day. Maybe it is because they are all so different but love their music equally or its just the power being all of their lyrics. My favorite words in this song are “And don’t let skeptics slow your pace/With every forward step you’ll take/Their breath away.”


6. The Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World

I have always loved Jimmy Eat World. It is so crazy to believe that they are about to tour with their Futures album for its 10 year anniversary. With them being a local band, it is really cool to see how much people were influence by their music. They are also a bunch of really cool guys that are currently brewing a beer with a local Arizona Brewery!

7. Walk – Pantera

This band holds a special place in my heart. They are probably the first band that my father and I had really bonded over and they are forever my favorite band, hands down.

8. Concrete – This Wild Life

I just recently discovered this band, but I can’t stop myself from listening to them. They are purely acoustic and they write all of their own material. They do a handful of acoustic covers as well, but the writing of their music is so unique and beautiful. Plus, they aren’t bad looking. 🙂

9. Never Be What You Want – We Are the In Crowd

This was the first song from WATIC that I heard and it has always been my favorite of theirs. Taylor’s voiceis perfection and has only gotten better since. The lyrics of this song are also something that everyone should really take into consideration when they are involved with someone that doesn’t love them for who they really are.

10. All We Know – Paramore

Sometimes you have to look back at where a band came from to see how far they’ve come. This band has gone through crazy changes and have only benefited from them. I love this song, as I do with pretty much anything they produce.


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Kristina Haney

Kristina enjoys drinking beer and binging on Netflix. When she's not at home, she can be found at music festivals or a local brewery.

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