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PLAYLIST: “It’s All About Vibe”

salpromoVibe, to me, is the most intimate element of a song and recording. It is that X factor that either exists and oozes through a track or is nowhere to be found. Vibe is the element that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight and gives chills down my spine. Vibe is effortless, magical and most often timeless. Vibe is energy. It is that element that makes you feel the breath of the singer in your ears and allows you to almost visualize the body language of the artist while you listen. Vibe is everything.

1. Lana Del Rey – “West Coast”

A majority of Lana’s songs capture vibe. To me, this is what attracts me to her in general… just that ability to pull you in with knowing very little about her from a first listen. This song specifically rings true as I feel it is a fantastic commentary on both the myth making and truth of California. I can feel and hear the ocean in the atmosphere of this track just washing in virginity and excitement while washing it all away. It’s dark and true and you can feel the mood of the song. Vibe.

2. The BeeGees – “More Than A Woman”

Love and hate are both aromas. You don’t have to see them or even hear them to understand them. You can almost smell them in the air. Hence, the famous quote “Love is in the air.” This song has always rung true with me because it paints the image of a woman as greater than life. It is about something greater than life as love has a life of its own and lives in the air around us and inside us. On this track you can feel the love. Vibe.

3. Meg Myers – “Desire”

Sex is raw. It breaks you down to the core of human. It can be intimate and volatile… or both. This track gets me because you can feel the rawness of the subject both in the production of the track and the nakedness of Meg’s vocal. You feel urge and urgency and it almost makes me feel as though I’m in a dimly lit room with her. There is space in the recording, and within it lives, well, vibe.

4. Bob Marley – “No Woman No Cry”

All of Bob’s music bleeds vibe. He is the King of soul, however, I pick this track because it was the first track as a kid that I heard of his and it immediately spoke to me. I was too young to understand the lyrics but I understood the emotion and it was so vividly conveyed in both Bob’s vocal timbre and the groove of The Wailers. I was too young to know what vibe was, but it made me feel butterflies floating around in my stomach. I remember it making me feel like I was lying down on a beach. His music is just so eloquently visceral at all times. Vibe.

5. Nirvana – “Rape Me”

Kurt Cobain is the epitome of angst. However, this track really, really has some dark depth to it. I remember hearing it for the first time and almost feeling like I had to vomit afterwards as it made me feel sick. It is so beautifully sick. You can hear the twisting and turning of emotion in this recording and I love it. Dark vibe, but still vibe.

6. Placebo – “Every You Every Me”

This song defined a timeline in my younger years. Although I’ve still tried to discover the true meaning of this song, I’m almost at peace not knowing it either because what I love about this track is how well everything falls into place on a spacial and musical level. I can listen to this song to this day on repeat and just enjoy the chemistry it has to offer. This track has attitude, power, vulnerability and… Vibe.

7. The Eagles – “One Of These Nights”

I’ve always had a love affair with a 70’s I was never a part of. Great music from this era can really get into your bones as the recording methods were not advanced, so you were essentially capturing the vibe of a few guys in a room all vibing off one another’s vibe. This combined with vivid lyrics really hits a home run for me and this track specifically really makes me want to step into a time machine and go back to live the moments that these guys experienced making this song. Vibe.

8. Daft Punk – “Touch”

“Touch, I remember touch.” Wow, what a powerful line, especially considering Smashing Satellites is all about bringing the basic components of humanity back to human life. Touch is a distant memory of the past but is also current and a forecast for the future. Touch in regards to holding someone’s hand and feeling their energy is going extinct, but touch in terms of technology… well, everything is just one touch away. The production of this track makes you feel like you are in the furthest part of the furthest Galaxy. As though you are lost, disconnected… distant. The vibe of this song meets the vibe of the reality and truth of the lyric. Vibe.

9. Tove Lo – “Habits”

There are some songs that immediately pull you in to the story. Maybe because you have lived it, maybe because you are going through it, or maybe because you wish you had a part of it. From the opening vocal I knew I was going to love this track. I love the melodies both vocally and musically. It just really spoke to me. There is a vintage and modern flair to the atmosphere of this song that I love. You can feel her energy on the track and it makes me want to know her. Tons of vibe.

10. AWOLNATION – “Sail”

This song really struck me as odd because there is no huge melodic chorus hook. No huge chorus lyric or anything of that nature. ‘Sail’ is a hit song solely due to vibe. You hear it and just feel it. I love songs like this because it goes against the norm of hit songwriting standards but proves that in the end… it’s all about VIBE.

Today’s excellent playlist was brought to you by Salvatore “Sal” Costa, lead vocalist of Toronto’s very own Smashing Satellites. Armed with their own unique brand of spacey alternative rock, the band has been making big waves since the release of their EP “A-Side (SonicAluzion)”, released in September 2014 via Aluzion Records.

You can check out the band’s equally spacey new music video for the opening track “Waterfall” below. If you’re digging it as much we do, you can purchase a CD here for just $4.  

Smashing Satellites on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Official Website

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