Pre-Order Rise Against ‘Long Forgotten Songs’

riseagainstcoverRise Against’s compilation album, Long Forgotten Songs,  is now available for pre-order. The album is composed of b-sides and covers and is also coming in a very limited supply of double LP red vinyl. The 26-song-album will be available Sept. 10 through Interscope Records. You can check out the tracklisting after the jump. You can purchase a CD  for pre-order here and buy concert tickets here.





1.     Historia Calamitatum
2.     Death Blossoms
3.     Elective Amnesia
4.     Grammatizator
5.     Blind
6.     Everchanging
7.     Generation Lost
8.     Dirt and Roses
9.     Ballad of Hollis Brown
10.  Sight Unseen
11.  Lanterns
12.  Making Christmas
13.  Join The Ranks
14.  Built To Last
15.  Voice of Dissent
16.  Little Boxes
17.  Give it All
18.  Minor Threat
19.  Obstructed View
20.  But Tonight We Dance
21.  Nervous Breakdown
22.  Gethsemane
23.  Boy’s No Good
24.  Any Way You Want It
25.  Sliver
26.  The Ghost of Tom Joad

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