PRODUCT REVIEW: The Music Box – April

the music box featAll jokes aside, The Music Box was not fooling around with their April box! From CDs to stickers, and download cards to candy, I received enough new music to distract me from all those unnecessary April showers. Take a closer look at all the wonderful goodies I was sent after the jump!

Also, be sure to check out each one of the bands I mention, and head over to Facebook to give them each a “Like.”

If you are interested in subscribing to The Music Box, you have a few options. First is The Box. For $10 per month you will receive two to four CD’s, along with other goodies such as wristbands, stickers, autographs, or t-shirts. Your second option is The Envelope. For $5 per month, you will be sent a 15-20 song compilation CD. Finally, for $13 per month, you can receive The Bundle, which is both The Box and The Envelope. To learn more and subscribe to any of these options, click here. Subscriptions are shipped out on the 7thof every month.

To read previous month’s reviews, click here.

young at heartYoung At Heart promo card

Since I started receiving The Music Box back in October of last year, Young At Heart are the first band featured that I actually knew! I’ve been a fan of these guys for a really long time, so to see them pop up in this month’s box was really exciting.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Young At Heart is a pop-punk band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. They released their debut EP under this moniker back in September of 2013, and they have been heavily promoting ever since. You can purchase a copy of the CD here.

Listen to: If Daryl Dies, We Riot


stereo reformStereo Reform promo card

Neil Turner and Will Evans make up the Greenville, South Carolina duo better known as Stereo Reform. They describe their style as “dance-a-funk-a-rock-a-tronic,” and I honestly couldn’t agree more. It is impossible to pin these guys down to one genre. Their style changes from song to song, and even within each track as well. They released their second full-length album, The Future Started Yesterday, in May 2013. You can purchase a copy of that album here.

Listen to: 10 Miles Out Of NYC


rebel hotelRebel Hotel sticker and button

Rebel Hotel are a high-energy unsigned rock band from Hollywood, California. If you’re a fan of acts such as Billy Idol and Avenged Sevenfold, then you’re going to absolutely love these guys!

Listen to: The Way I Am




brandon maddoxBrandon Maddox download card

Brandon is an up and coming country artist from Nashville, Tennessee. In his decade-long career, he has shared the stage with Brett Eldredge, worked with big name country producers, and appeared on numerous widely syndicated TV and radio shows.

Listen to: The Bigger The Wheels, The Better The Man




dust on the radioDust On The Radio sticker

Dust On The Radio are a rock band from Los Angeles. They released their latest EP Halfway To The Stars in January of this year. They are heavily influenced by classic and 80s glam rock. You can purchase a copy of their EP here.

Listen to: Every Day



someonelsesomeonElse download/promo card

someonElse are an alternative metal group from New York, New York. They just released their brand new album Revolution: The Summoning Wars Pt.1 on May 4th. The band offered a really awesome limited collectors edition of the album that included a download card with codes for all three of their albums and a 25-card deck inlay. The cards were created by guitarist Paul Rodriguez, and contained lyrics, band facts and album credits. This edition was limited to 500. To purchase a copy of their CD, click here.

Listen to: Inside Your Head


scott aitkenScott Aitken promo card

Scott is an alternative rock/acoustic singer/songwriter  from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He has been in the scene for over 10 years with various bands. He released his first solo album Wide Awake on January 1st of this year. You can purchase that album here.

Listen to: One Day Or Another




pat llewellynPat Llewellyn Personal Fable EP

Pat is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey, and he released his four-song EP, Personal Fable, on March 29th, 2015. His music is fun, and so is his personality, which is evident on his Twitter where he’s constantly tweeting and retweeting little bits of humor. You can pick up a copy of his EP here.

Listen to: Peaceful Man




five time augustFive Times August The Independent album

Five Times August is the stage name of Dallas, Texas pop rock singer Bradley James Skistimas. Bradley has been featured on over 80 TV shows, commercials and movies, including the early 2000 hit MTV series “Laguna Beach.” With the release of The Independent, he became the first unsigned artist in history to have an album nationally distributed through WalMart. Since beginning his career over a decade ago, Bradley has supported acts such as Augustana and Dashboard Confessional. To hear more from Five Times August, you can purchase a CD here.

Listen to: Better With You


The Music Envelope: Compilation CDs Volume 5 and 6 

Click here to listen to some of the songs from the CDs and click the band’s name to be taken to their Facebook page.

Volume 5

  1. “Only At The Start” – Starstruck Avenue
  2. “Dream Big” – The Afro Nick
  3. “See Ya Later, Baby” – A Wasted Effort
  4. “The Wormhole Express” – The Vacationist
  5. “Black Crows” – The Gitas
  6. “Forget The Sorries” – Chase The Grey
  7. “Hope” – Frank Palangi
  8. “Slow It Down” – Nate Maingard
  9. “YOLO” – Zeus Dali
  10. “Don’t Waste My Time” – The Afro Nick
  11. “Mood For Love” – The Gitas
  12. “We Are The Glitch” – The Vacationist
  13. “Beg” – Starstruck Avenue
  14. “Patterns” – Zeus Dali
  15. “Bonds” – Dirt

Volume 6

  1. “Tear It Up” – The Dudes
  2. “Nightmares” – More Than Most
  3. “Driver Inside” – Run, Snowball, Run
  4. “Gold Dust” – Right On Yukon
  5. “Cougarville”- Brandon Maddox
  6. “For You” – Ryan Fitz
  7. “Safe And Sound” – Across The Board
  8. “Saint” – Jocelyn Faro
  9. “World Giver” – Travers Brothership
  10. “The Hurricane Eyes” – The Roper Show
  11. “Rise” – Crawl
  12. “Remember Who You Are” – More Than Most
  13. “Coffee” – Ryan Fitz
  14. “Between The Lines” – Jocelyn Faro
  15. “Fool In Love” – The Roper Show


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