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the music box featSubscription boxes have become a huge craze recently. If you aren’t familiar with subscription boxes, they are (usually) monthly boxes, which you pay a small price for, that are sent to your home and are filled with tons of goodies. Content can range from candy and make-up to healthy snack and socks. Recently, with the guidance of my best friend, I stumbled upon a box simply titled “The Music Box.” This particular box, if you couldn’t decipher from its name, is all about music.

Their website states that each month your box (which only costs $10) could contain anything from CDs, stickers, download cards, posters and so much more. I received my first box at the beginning of October and it definitely delivered. The box was small, so I didn’t think there would be a whole lot in it. And boy, was I wrong.


The first thing I noticed was what was on the outside of the box. The label on the box was Halloween themed. It was cute and led me to believe that each month’s box will be decorated accordingly. I opened the box and immediately laid my eyes upon a bag of candy. I am a grown up, or at least claim to be, and I got excited over Halloween candy. I thought it was pretty cool to be sent a treat to go along with the all the other things I was about to be treated with.

Upon first glance, the box didn’t look like it contained a lot, but once I started going through it, the amount was overwhelming.

My box included:



The Young Ones – Young Ones EP (2012): The Young Ones are a pop rock band from Tyler, TX. Their music has a very classic feel to it and stays very genuine to the genre. You can check them out on their ReverbNation page here.

The Sons – The Prime Words Committee (2011): The Sons are a British alternative rock/pop band from Derbyshire, England. This isn’t the type of music you will normally find me listening to, but I like it. While their music does stay true to the alternative and pop genres, there are also mixings of indie, folk, blues and country. Check them out here.



The Young Ones

Jack Pines

Music Is My Natural High – Natural High is a drug prevention organization that inspires youth to say yes to life and no to an artificial high. This is something that I stand by 100% and I love organizations like this. For more information, visit their website here.

Cult Classic (also included a download code) – Cult Classic is an indie rock band from Long Island, NY. I really love this band. Their lead vocalist reminds me a lot of Joel Madden, even though their music is nothing like Good Charlotte or The Madden Brothers. They also have a song titled “Everybody Loves Tom Hanks,” and I can’t argue with that. Check them out here.

Download Codes:


Dylan Jakobsen – Statelines EP: Jakobsen is a country rock musician from Seattle, WA, and he is phenomenal. He’s only 20-years-old and he sounds like he’s been playing music for that long. He’s getting ready to release a self-titled EP on November 4. Be sure to check him out here.

Don’t Be The Hero – Sportsmanship EP: Don’t Be The Hero are a pop-punk band from Oakland, CA. Their influences include Blink-182, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy, and that definitely shows in their music. You can learn more about them here.

Chaz Robinson: Robinson is a 24-year-old pop artist from Indianapolis, IN. I was able to download two of his songs and they are super fun. At such a young age, he is super experienced. He has made appearances on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as performing on Broadway. Check him out here.

Rivers Monroe – Rivers Monroe: They are a rock and pop-punk band from Philadelphia, PA. This band is easily my favorite from the box. The opening song “Moments” is so inspirational and lead vocalist Mat Rivers has one of the best voices I have heard in a long time. He comes out swinging hard from the very beginning. I definitely recommend these guys. So check them out here.

Airport Novels – Airport Novels: They are a pop-punk band from Kansas City, MO. This wasn’t exactly a download code, it just led to their BandCamp page and you can download two of their songs there for $2. To learn more, check them out here.

Top Down Summer: TDS is a pop-punk band from Upstate New York who like Chinese food and hanging out with a badger. I know that sounds super weird, but once you listen to their music, their interests make sense. They are really fun to listen to and if you would like to learn more, check out their ReverbNation page here.

Sweet Leda: Sweet Leda is a rock, pop and soul band from Annapolis, MD. Honestly, I didn’t give this band much of a chance. I could just tell from the promo card that I wasn’t going to like them and I wasn’t wrong. But don’t let me views on them influence yours. You could end up loving this band. Check them out here.

All in all, this subscription box was fantastic. I was introduced to numerous bands that I really like and that’s something I can never get enough of. And for $10, it is definitely money well spent. I cannot wait to subscribe myself. So if you are interested in subscribing, click here. And if you use the code 10OFF, you will get 10% off your first box.

Also, The Music Box is always looking for new bands to promote and feature. If your band would be interested in that, click here.

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