RX Bandits Cover Weezer

As you may know by now, RX Bandits are releasing a five song cover EP, one track per week leading up to the 10-year-anniversary of their album The Resignation. The third song on this EP is a cover of Weezer’s song, “Surf Wax America,” and while it is not available for purchase or download yet, the song is currently streaming on AbsolutePunk. View tour dates and buy concert tickets here. Read a quote from RX guitarist, Steve Choi, about the cover song after the jump. 

“Ah Weezer, ubiquitous in mainstream rock music since all of us children of the 80’s were teenagers. Our fans take us more seriously than we like to take ourselves so we wanted to do an easy, poppy song to show our musical range. All the cool kids like to claim Pinkerton, and I love that record too, but the Blue Album is stocked with bangers.”


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