Stacey Jackson Interview!

Infectious Magazine: Hi Stacey, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How are you?

Stacey Jackson: I’m doing great… I’m currently on a UK radio tour across the country which has been such fun but I’m ready to go back home and see my family.

IM: In addition to taking on the world of music, you’re also a mother. It must be a challenge to balance everything, what do your kids think of your career?

Stacey Jackson: I think it depends which kid you ask! My little ones only know mummy as a pop singer but my teenagers are typical teenagers and I think pretty much all mums are embarrassing no matter what they do! Haha! But seriously, my kids are terrific and I think they love that I’m living my dream. A happy Stacey is definitely a happy mummy!

IM: I think you’re certainly an inspiration, not only juggling as much as you do, but as you yourself have said, having found success a little later in life AFTER having a family. What advice do you have for others out there, who might want to go after something, but feel like it’s too late?

Stacey Jackson: I didn’t want to look back at my life and think “I should have, I could have…” I needed to give it my best shot and I was fortunate that the public are liking my music, djs are playing it and people are dancing to it and downloading it so I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re 40-something or 20-something, if you put out great product and work hard there is no reason why you shouldn’t give your dream a chance!

IM: Though based in England, you’ve had a lot of success in the US, and in Canada! How have you found any cultural differences to be in reception of your music?

Stacey Jackson: I’m so lucky to have the support of amazing djs who have remixed the tracks on both sides of the pond. Yes, culturally what may work in the clubs or on radio in the US may not work in the UK and visa versa. But also, each club and radio station is different within their respective territories. So by offering a choice of various mixes plus even doing an acoustic version of the song, it brings the track to more people and more people play it and hear it. .

IM: What are some artists you enjoy or even facts about yourself that others might be surprised to hear?

Stacey Jackson: At the moment, I’m absolutely in love with the song “Titanium” by Sia and Guetta. I can’t get enough of it ,I feel like I want to run a marathon when I hear it! But I’ve rolled with the times, as a small child, I knew every lyric to the Supremes before I was three and I also loved disco! But in the 80s I went all rock-chick and followed Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crüe etc… So when I write my dance and pop songs, I pull from all those influences — on some of my songs, you’ll still hear the heavy guitar on some tracks AND disco strings on others!

IM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Stacey Jackson: My new single “Is This Love?” is out in the UK on March 5th and follows the US release mid February via iTunes and other download sites.  The video is out on YouTube too featuring total madness in the school room…  I’ve also been asked to present an award at the international dance music awards which is such an honour so I will be in Miami around my next north American tour which will also take me to Chicago March 16th, Vegas March 17th, LA March 18th, Toronto March 23rd and Montreal March 24th. My former high school in Montreal is also honoring me for my achievement in music, which is really cool!  If people want to find out more about me or buy the track they can go to iTunes or my website Also my twitter is @staerox and Facebook is

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