STREAM: Eddie Vedder Covers Hunters And Collectors’ “Throw Your Arms Around Me”

1600059-EddieVedder-ukebyDannyClinchEddie Vedder, with Crowded House rocker Neil Finn, has taken on Hunters and Collectors in a beautiful rendition of “Throw Your Arms Around Me.” Check out the stream after the jump. The track is off of an upcoming tribute album to the Australian band titled Crucible and will consist of 15 covers, 15 original recordings, and feature other artists such as Birds Of Tokyo and The Panics.

Hunters and Collectors formed in Melbourne in the ’80s and played a very integral part in shaping the Australian rock’n’roll scene. Disbanding in 1998, they left behind a legacy and proud catalogue of of nine studio albums, three live albums, and a myriad of EPs and singles. The tribute record is set to drop on Sept. 27. You can purchase a CD here.

In other Eddie Vedder news, the Oct. 15 release date of Pearl Jam’s very highly-anticipated new album, Lightning Bolt, is quickly approaching. Purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.


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