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STREAM: Panic! At The Disco “Hallelujah”

panic at the discoPanic! At The Disco is back with new music! Today, the band has released a stream of a brand new song, “Hallelujah.” The band has been working on a new album, which not a lot of information has been released about.

“Hallelujah” is an upbeat, catchy song that we all know Panic! At The Disco to produce. It’s a track that could be very relatable to a majority of it’s listeners with its message of self-empowerment.  With a little bit of rock and a hint of gospel influence, “Hallelujah” is the perfect track for Panic! At The Disco to make their glorious return.

You can check out the stream of “Hallelujah” and a message from the band’s vocalist, Brendon Urie, after the jump!

If you want to listen to more music from Panic! At The Disco, you can purchase a CD here.

If you want to catch them on tour, you can buy concert tickets here.


Hello my fellow sinners,

First off, thank you. Thank you for always being there. For speaking your mind. For following what you believe. For allowing me to grow. For granting me the opportunity to live my dream. Words simply can’t express my full appreciation and gratitude for you.

As I begin what feels like a new chapter of my life, I’m filled with immense excitement and a fresh sense of hope. I’ve seen this band through every phase, every change, every hardship. And yet my appreciation and love grows with every breath.

So I lift my arms in praise of your greatness. YOU are great. YOU are beautiful. YOU are talented, and smart, and kind, and loving, and generous, and simply amazing.

And you make me want to scream “HALLELUJAH!” from the top of my lungs with every bit of fervor and strength I possess. And I invite you to join me as you have over and over again.

So Hallelujah, my fellow sinners. Hallelujah.

Brendon Urie

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