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Unsigned Spotlight: Romancer (Ambient Emo/Punk)

Here in Illinois, as I write this at the beginning of December, it’s been winter for over a month. We’ve endured multiple ice storms, a blizzard that dumped 12 inches of snow in some spots, and even a day when no fewer than 26 tornadoes touched down across the state. Even by Illinois standards, that’s unusual. There have been plenty of evenings where the most appealing thing to do is curl up by the fireplace, make a pot of swirling hot chocolate, and find the perfect music to help you…

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GUEST BLOG: Writing For Television

After looking through this website and reading the guest blogs from other artists and bands, it became more and more difficult to find a subject that hadn’t already been covered. There is stellar writing and musical talent showcased in these blog posts; however, I’m going to write from my recent experiences writing music for television placements – how I approach the briefs and how they differ from my previous work collaborating with film directors. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Forever Losing Sleep ‘I Lost Myself Again’

Only in recent years have I come to terms with the fact that 90’s wave emo probably won’t come back. I’m usually indulging in the nostalgic bands that once were, and shamelessly following up on good skramz. I was pleasantly surprised coming across a band like Forever Losing Sleep, an emo band from New Jersey. Their most recent release is titled I Lost Myself Again, in which they’ve taken a classic genre filled with raw, nostalgic emotion, and mixed it in with a little bit of an ambient feel to…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Glass Animals ‘ZABA’

On June 9th, English band Glass Animals will release their debut album, ZABA, for the world to hear. The unique sound that Glass Animals encompasses – said to be both indie rock and trip hop – is something I find incredibly refreshing, as well as one that is quite challenging to put into words (but don’t worry, I’ll try my best!). With fantastic beats and intriguing lyrics to boot, I absolutely encourage everyone to give Glass Animals’ ZABA a listen. Please follow and like us:

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