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How To Survive Tour: A Band’s Guide

Life on the road can present many challenges. Especially when you are on a rigorous tour schedule. For example, showers aren’t always easy to come by. Maybe your schedule requires you leave straight after a gig in order to make it to the next gig on time. Or maybe you just don’t have the luxury of a hotel room where you can have a shower. In any case, there’s nothing worse than sweating your ass off on stage and then not being able to get clean. This is one of…

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GUEST BLOG: Top 5 Venues

Parachute are getting ready to kick off their tour tonight at Irving Plaza in NYC, alongside the release of their third album, Overnight. Check out the band’s top 5 venues, along with tour dates after the jump, and be sure to purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here! Please follow and like us:

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