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WATCH: Hayley Williams Covers “Blue Christmas”

Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams performed a cover of “Blue Christmas” at Kelly Clarkson’s “Miracle On Broadway” concert in Nashville, Tennessee. Check out a fan-shot video of the performance below and let us know your thoughts. To hear more of Paramore, you can purchase a CD here or buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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Stereophonic Sabbatical: Why Using One Headphone Is Actually A Great Idea

So back in 2013 I guess you could say I fell on a bit of hard times.  Anyone who has ever owned an iPod for more than a year or two knows exactly the predicament I found myself in sometime around the first week of September this past year; one side of my earbuds stopped working.  My right earbud was working like a champ until the outro to Into It. Over It.’s “Staring At The Ceiling” kicked in.  There was a snap, crackle, pop, and finally a slow receding fizzle…

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Ghost Town Jenny Indie News 

Ghost Town Jenny “Blue Christmas” Video

We see a lot of covers, especially around this time of year. But when classics like “Blue Christmas” can still be covered so beautifully, and so elegantly, we just have to share. Drawing comparisons to  Bjork and Florence & the Machine, Ghost Town Jenny stays true to the the original, while bringing their own beautifully played charm and class to the table. The band recently released their new single, Suwanee, and will release their Golden Hour EP on January 28.  Check out the cover below, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Please…

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Top Indie Rock Christmas Songs Features Lists 

Top 10 Indie Rock Christmas Songs

Christmas is one of the best holidays for DIY projects.  Everything from crafted reindeer to tin-foil wrapping paper to make-shift last minute gifts get brought out during this time of year.  So why shouldn’t the bands of today that are praised for starting out DIY also join in? Indie bands write some of the best Christmas songs because they typically twist the meaning of the holiday spirit in ways other groups haven’t thought of. Also, they are always guaranteed to do something really weird with an arrangement of a cover…

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