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WATCH: Paramore Full Live Concert In São Paulo

If you missed Paramore‘s concert on November 1st in São Paulo, Brazil, don’t sweat it. You can watch the band’s full performance below. To listen to more of the band, you can purchase a CD here. To check out their upcoming shows, you can buy concert tickets here. Please follow and like us:

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MY FIRST TIME: Justin Whitesel Of XO Stereo – Part Two

Last week, XO Stereo guitarist, Justin Whitesel, shared the first part of the story of his first time touring in a foreign country, which you can read here. Check out the epic conclusion to his story below. For more on XO Stereo, visit their Facebook page here. They currently do not have any tour dates listed, but be sure to buy concert tickets when they become available. You can purchase a copy of their debut single “Show And Tell” here. If you’ve missed any of our previous “My First Time” stories, you…

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MY FIRST TIME: Justin Whitesel Of XO Stereo – Part One

Traveling to a foreign country can be a scary experience for anyone, but when you add the stress of touring and making sure all your equipment arrives safely into the mix, it’s enough to drive someone crazy. Check out part one of XO Stereo guitarist Justin Whitesel’s story of the first time he toured in another country, with a group of guys he had only known for a short period of time, below. For more on XO Stereo, visit their Facebook page here. They currently do not have any tour…

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“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” ― Sarah Dessen (author) The following photos were posted between September 19-25, 2014 and are shown with the original captions. To make it easy for you, we have linked each picture to the user’s account. Be sure to follow each of them so you don’t miss anything! If you missed last week’s edition you can catch up on those pictures here: Week #51     Please follow and like…

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Panic! At The Disco To Tour Brazil

Good news, Brazilian Panic! fans! Sick of waiting for Brendon Urie and co. to hit your city? Well, the group will be coming back to you. Panic! At The Disco announced they will be playing a couple of shows in Brazil this fall. Check out a tweet from the band detailing the shows after the jump! Buy concert tickets here or purchase a CD here! Please follow and like us:

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Shakira Will Perform ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’ At World Cup Closing Ceremony

Shakira’s song, “La La La (Brazil 2014),” has been called the unofficial song of the 2014 World Cup. She confirmed the song, featuring Brazilian artist, Carlinhos Brown, will be performed at the World Cup closing ceremony.  This will be Shakira’s third consecutive time singing at the World Cup. “Waka Waka” featuring Freshlyground was the 2010 FIFA World Cup official song and in 2006, she performed “Hips Don’t Lie” in Berlin. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Read her official statement below. Please follow and like us:

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World Cup Playlist: The Group Stages Are Over

We have finally come to the end of the group stages and with the final 16 elimination round about to begin. I have decided to put the group stages. Considering that music is amazing and can express a wide variety of emotions; it is only fitting that I use a ten song playlist to summarize some of the highs and lows of the group stages. The group stages of the Word Cup led to several shocking occurrences such as Spain being eliminated or Suarez developing a taste for human flesh. Sit back and…

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World Cup Playlist: Songs For Pre-Game, Victory & Defeat

The World Cup is upon us. As a Brit, I am obligated to be excited about it, but as a music lover, I’m also super excited to put together a mix of anthems for both victory and defeat. So the next time you’re head is up  in the FIFA World Cup cloud, press play on this playlist to rock out through the whole game. Please follow and like us:

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The History Of Music Festivals

Welcome to festival season! While we are currently already two months into a music aficianado’s favorite time of year, the fun has only just begun, with concerts spanning all the way through August. Those of us that keep up with the festivals, we all know the biggest names and where they are… But do we know the history behind those festivals? Infectious Magazine takes a look at 4 of the best-known summer music festivals and how they got their start. These festivals were created for surprisingly simple reasons, but grew…

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The Maine Release Message For South American Fans

The Maine have unfortunate news for some of their South American fans that hoped to attend their 8123 Tour. The group will not be performing in Chile or Argentina as they intended to. According to the band’s statement, this is due to lack of promoters willing to bring The Maine to these countries. Check out a tweet from the band, which includes their statement, after the jump. Buy concert tickets here or purchase a CD here! Please follow and like us:

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