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Unsigned Spotlight: Guss Royall (Waterloo, IA)

In recent years we’ve seen a notable and refreshing surge in bands wearing their classic rock influences on their sleeve, helping connect the next generation to many of the greats we and our parents listened to. Greta Van Fleet is a large-scale example, but another up-and-coming quartet is bringing back classic bluesy-rock vibes and mixing it with their own modern alt-rock sound for a highly memorable blend. Enter Waterloo, Iowa’s Guss Royall. The “about” section of the band’s Facebook page makes it clear in just a few words what Guss…

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GUEST BLOG: Transition From Being In A Band To Building From The Ground Up

I’ve been lucky enough over the years to join some great bands. I’ve joined bands ranging from Celtic-Rock, to Prog-Rock, to Blues, and most things in between, but in 2012 I put together my own band, and found that there’s some pretty distinct differences between joining a band and starting a band. But one thing stays the same in either situation, and that’s to just be cool. You don’t have to be the best musician in the world. I certainly am not, but I learned early on that if you want the gig, you gotta be cool….

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Niall Horan Instagrams One Direction’s FOUR Track Listing

One Direction is right on schedule with promotion for their new album, Four. As the name suggests, this will be their fourth album since being formed four years ago. See a pattern? This album will be heavily influenced by punk rock, reggae and classic rock with a hopefully successful deviation from their boy band roots. Today, Niall Horan posted an Instagram photo of the track listings for the album. Four is going to be their shortest record with only 12 tracks on the regular version and 16 on the deluxe. So far they…

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Fall Out Boy Cover Queen’s “We Are The Champions”

Fall Out Boy, one of the biggest pop punk bands in the world, was recently filmed performing a classic rock cover of Queen’s “We Are The Champions.” They performed the song at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA on June 22. Check out the video right after the jump. Please follow and like us:

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WATCH: Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) Covers “Rock You Like A Hurricane”

Fozzy singer Chris Jericho, the Steel Panthers, and Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Biersack teamed up at the Hollywood House of Blues to perform a cover of the classic Scorpion song, “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” Although not a radical departure from the original, everyone on the stage seems to be having a great time. Check out the video after the jump. Want to see Black Veil Brides live? Buy concert tickets here, or purchase a CD here. Please follow and like us:

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ALBUM REVIEW: Rhino House Band ‘Golden Summer’

I love a good indie EP. I love them even more when they are “summer themed.” Rhino House Band’s debut EP, Golden Summer, had me bouncing with anticipation. “Little Things” is a wonderfully catchy, dare I say, summer-esque, anthem for the legions of people whose summers resemble a clever indie film; it embraces the theme of growing up and getting on with your life. The visuals the song puts in your mind are unbelievable. From the well-executed, “Oooh oooh ooh”s throughout the track to the steady beats, it’s hard to…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lime Cordiale ‘Falling Up The Stairs’

Ah, Australia. The country most of us only dream of visiting. The culture, the sites, and of course, the music. When approached to do a review on Lime Cordiale’s EP, Falling Up The Stairs,  I couldn’t think of a reason not to give it a listen. “Bullshit Aside” has a ridiculously catchy introduction and a steady pace, with lyrics full of sharp wit. If you’ve ever been completely done with somebody’s crap, this is the track for you (i.e., it’s a track for everyone). Lime Cordiale have perfectly captured the…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Dirt Wizard: ‘No Son of Mine’

Kicking No Son Of Mine off with a powerful, gritty guitar introduction, leading into “Amis Tabu” the energy for the rest of the EP is set. It’s loud, it’s surprising, and hits you like a ton of bricks. The lyrics are good, though you may have to really try to hear them, but in many ways, this track showcases Dirt Wizard as a ’80s hair-metal-esque band, with some unique elements. “Fleas” seems to slow down a little bit, allowing the band’s collective talents to mesh beautifully, before jumping in with…

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ALBUM REVIEW: Papermoons ‘No Love’

Sometimes, a listener just clicks with an album. It’s like getting to know a person; you either mesh or you don’t, and that’s okay. We all have a type, be it the people we are typically friends with or typically date. However, there will always be that stereotype or person that we have a soft-spot for. Everyone knows me to be really into the alternative/pop-punk scene, and I am. But I have a place in my heart for indie/folk music. Automatically, Papermoons seemed to play into that with their album…

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