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6 Must-Watch Indie Directors

Here’s a secret about yours truly: I’m obsessed with films… and that’s also a huge understatement. While I have nothing against the big blockbusters that seem to have taken over modern cinema (I could watch Marvel’s films for days), the film fanatic in me has been known to watch a wide variety of films and has the DVD collection to prove it – ringing it at over 400+ DVDs, excluding my television series collection. I get plenty of gruff about that from my parents. Of the films I’ve seen and…

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The Cure Announce New Album, Tour, Live DVDs

The Cure is one of rock’s most legendary bands. No matter what the group does, they will have one of rock’s largest audiences. It looks like their fans will be happy, as The Cure announced some big news. The band will be putting out a new album titled 4:14 Scream, touring and releasing live DVDs. Time to break out some guyliner. Though details are still scarce, it appears that the album was recorded at the same time as 2008’s 4:13 Dream, and will be released alongside a new live DVD in the…

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All Time Low Possible DVD & Acoustic Project?

In a recent interview, Jack Barakat mentioned that the band had goals to include a few more DVDs and even acoustic side projects. Check out an excerpt below. “Barakat said the band’s goals for the future include releasing some DVDS and perhaps a few acoustic side projects — another return to their early career, when they produced a DVD of their MTV Unplugged acoustic recording session. But most of all, they just want to keep touring. “It’s all we really have,” Barakat said. “It’s how we reach our fans; it’s…

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