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10 Songs To Keep You Warm This Winter

I initially made this list because January has already been a pretty rough month for basically everyone who lives above Florida with temperatures dropping way below zero degrees.  So, I wanted to shed some light on all the cold wind, inches of snow outside your door and just a general lack of heat. As I went through some of my favorite songs with sun, fire, or heat themes, I realized that the majority of them had a lot of political statements and commentaries.  So in the spirit of the up-and-coming…

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M.I.A. ‘Matangi’ Release Date

After threatening her record label, MIA finally has a release date for her new album. “If interscope takes longer i can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready,” the singer posted on Twitter. Shortly after, it was announced that her new record, Matangi, will be released Nov. 5. Despite M.I.A. sharing several songs and a remix, Interscope has delayed the release of Matangi for over a year. In an interview given to Australian newspaper, The Gold Coast, M.I.A. said that Interscope felt the…

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